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Cat Food

drinking fountain

10 Best Cat Drinking Fountains You Need to Know!

It’s summer, and your cats always seem to be looking for water. Your best solution lies in cat drinking fountains, specially designed to generate fresh and clear water. They are…

Grooming & Health

Best Cat Ear Cleaners

10 Best Cat Ear Cleaners

Cat’s ears have powerful hearing capabilities. Their ears can hear even the slightest of sounds from a distance. Just like humans, cats need their ears cleaned regularly. The ears are…
Best Cat Food Mats

10 Best Cat Food Mats

Cats love to eat, no matter what time of the day it may be. It’s their eating habits that you need to look out for as it can wreak havoc…
Best Cat Calming Sprays

10 Best Cat Calming Sprays

Cat owners would agree that these pets are naturally jumpy and skittish animals. Cats feel a whole lot of emotions faster than any other pet. They get scared, annoyed, irritated,…
Best Cat Thermometers

10 Best Cat Thermometers

Just like human beings, cats, too, can show symptoms that indicate a fever. It can be difficult to know for sure without the help of a cat thermometer. Fevers can…
10 Best Cat Nail Clippers

10 Best Cat Nail Clippers

Having a cat at home comes with parenting duties, and this includes nail trimming. Most of the kitties do not like going through the process of having the nails trimmed.…


Cat in a stroller on a trip dressed in jacket

Top 10 Best Rated Cat Stroller

Taking your feline outside can be a deal that you will both appreciate. However, Cat stroller may not appear the most helpful accessories for your feline. Still, a feline Stoller…
beautiful cat in a container for transport

Best Carrier for Your Cat

Buyers Reviews and Guidelines For some felines, the main travel they will take is the veterinarian’s office. Making the bearer a place of security away from home will help to…

Best Cat Harness No Escape in 2020

Most feline owners pass up the wondrous experience of taking their feline for an outdoor experience since they figured their feline won’t care for it. Be that as it may,…

Bed & Furniture

Best Cat Tents

10 Best Cat Tents

Have you introduced a cat as part of your family? Well, it’s time to give him his own private space and some peace and quietness away from his owners. When…
Best Cat Blankets

10 Best Cat Blankets

Just like humans, cats feel the harsh weather conditions and need their blanket for comfort. Any other way would compromise and lead to health complications and unhygienic conditions for your…


Cat Anal Glands

Cat Anal Glands Woes and How to Deal With It

Just like any other animal, cats too face problems with their anal glands. Cats have two glands filled with dark, smelly fluids that they release when confronted with danger or…
worms in cats

Worms in Cats: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Worms in your cat’s intestines can be an overwhelming and troubling situation. These parasites can live in cats and feed off their bodies. Several different kinds of worms that attack…

Cat Pregnancy Timeline With Pictures

From the end of winter, the heat season begins for cats. Gestation is a process that lasts about 9 weeks and during which your cat undergoes significant changes in order…

Why is my Cat Sticking his Tongue Out Like a Dog

Dogs are known for being heavy-breathers and they don’t do this on purpose. Most of them have very small windpipes and t’s pretty normal unless they show symptoms of difficulties…

Why Is My Cat Not Eating and is Always Sleeping?

Cats are well known for being such sleepyheads. They are also an unexpressive type of animal. Unlike dogs who wags their tail out of joy (no dull moments, what’s sadness?)…

Why Does My Cat Lick Me, And Then Bite Me

Cats are known for their independent nature, with a character generally very different from that of the dog. But, this does not mean that they are affectionate, even as much…

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Causes and Solutions

Feline aggression is a problem that worries many guardians, so it is common for those who live in this situation to ask themselves “why does my cat bite me” and…


When does my kitten become an adult cat? One popular question among cat owners sometimes is when are cats fully grown? From weaning to old age, your little feline will…


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