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Badass Cat Names with Meaning

kitty playing with a follower

Do I look like a joke to you, hooman? Y U name me fishy-fishy?

One of the joys of owning a cat is naming them and it’s the same from a cat’s perspective; being bestowed upon a name means getting adopted as a family.

Research actually discovered some interesting changes in cats after being given a name they like. It concluded that giving your cat a name helps them feel a sense of belongingness, therefore stays at home more often. On the other hand, though it is apparent that having a name makes them happy, we can say that happiness is much more in favor of us, hoomans ‘cause we can name our cat anything – THEY HAVE NO CHOICE!

We can even go as far as naming ours, ‘Darth Vader’; yes, I know what you did there, Luke. Your mom was an avid fan and now you’re trying to take revenge. OR maybe, your cat is owning you up like a bossy estranged father?

Let us set this classic movie in our heads aside. If you are looking for some badass cat names, you are in the right place! We can give you tons of awesome names and nuh-uh, we will not name your cat, ‘dog’ or ‘nemo’ (coughing). Whatever your reason for naming your cat their name, never underestimate its power. It can grow into your cat’s personality and life or vice-versa before you even know it!

Check our list below for names and their meanings!

Male Cat Names

  • TANKER – This is perfect for big and muscular male cats, minus the fur. Inspired by heavy-duty military tanks. If your cat is muscular and behaves like a soldier this name is your best choice. 

MEANING: Big and Strong.

  • HUNTER – This name reflects one of their most popular skill and that is hunting. If your cat’s personality likes to run around catching prey then give them this badass name.

MEANING: Fast and Wise.

  • PYRO – If your cat is intelligent and a fast responder, you can pick this one. Or if your cat’s color somehow reminds you of fireworks this is a good choice. BUT if your cat likes to fart a lot (yes they do fart like normal hooman beings) don’t name them pyro because it will be hard for them to conceal their habit. HAHA!

MEANING: Smart and Observant.

  • RAMBO – We know, being a war freak is not a good trait but you can never deny the fact that when we hear the word brawl, more often than not, we remember RAMBO from the movie with the same name. It is one of the best badass names we can ever name our cat. The next time your cat gets into a fight, let him own up to the name just don’t name the other K.O.

MEANING: Strong and Young.

  • BULLET – If your cat is a fast runner and a firm mover, bullet is the best name to give him.

MEANING: Fast and Precise.

  • BEAST – If your cat is big, eats well and is a good leader, these ones for him. Cats who are dominating household cats are very scary when mad, sometimes, it’s the same reason why he is considered as the leader of the gang.

MEANING: Superior and Talented.

  • JUDGE – If your cat never gets into trouble and an effective fight stopper let him be the judge.

MEANING: Kind and Aware.

  • KING – No one is higher than the king, this name symbolizes supremacy. BUT nowadays, cat parents names their cats ‘King’ if he is lazy, dominant and likes to boss around his hoomans.

MEANING: Dominant and Willing 

Female Cat Names

                  Pleazz hooman, don’t name my son Chorizo!
                     Naming me Whippy-Cream is enough!
  • VIXEN – If your cat is a furry clever girl, always craving for action-packed adventures almost every day this name may actually be invented for them. MEANING: Charming and Independent.
  • DIVA – If your cat is bossy, very spoiled and not that easy to please yet very clingy, this is the best name to call them.

MEANING: Mean and Free Spirited.

  • QUEEN – If your cat likes to catwalk while wearing that “I don’t care about your existence” face, then let them have this name. Only a true queen can care less.

MEANING: Superior and Transparent 

  • ATHENA – Some signs to know if this name fits your cat: Can open their cage without any help. She finds a way to let you know when she wants to eat or play. Knows what to do if she don’t like you sticking your nose into her business.

MEANING: Intelligent and Calm.

  • ROUGE – This name is actually unisex but it blends well in female cats more than males. If your cat usually go missing in action or is usually stealing food from the table, this one’s perfect.

MEANING: Fierce and Wise.

  • DAENERYS – If you are a GOT fan and just want your cat to sound as badass as the mother of 2 dragons.

MEANING: Patient and Kind

  • SASSY – The name speaks for itself. If your cat is cheeky and is full of spirit then this one is perfect!

MEANING: Bold and Lively

  • HARLEY – We all know one badass lady with the same name. Imagine naming your cat Harley while she wears a cute sexy short every Halloween party. The neighborhood will be ecstatic!

MEANING: Brave and Unique


I still don’t understand why mom is calling me crazy Fatso, I’m pretty sure I’m quite smart and special…











Chorizo – Yum!







BONUS: Funny Cat Names from Bright Owners





Blindee – Coz the cat is blind


Mr. GibberFish


Will Ferral


I hope you were paws-itively inspired by our list! Always remember, a name is very important but nothing but on top of that, nothing beats the love of a human parent. Love is more than enough to make them feel that they belong and care for.

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