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Best Canned Cat Food For Weight Gain: The Greatest Guide for Your Pet!

best canned cat food for weight gain

Some cats diverge to the chubbier side while others require little push towards maintaining and gaining a certain amount of weight. If one did like to categorize these cats then some senior cats, felines who are going through health complications, fussy eating cats, or even the cats who are extremely active. 

These are the categories that might need this extra push towards gaining weight with the help of additional calories to their meals. For these issues, we have mentioned the supplements you need to incorporate with the best canned cat food for weight gain below that will ensure you don’t have to ever worry about what to feed them for that chubby look.

List of Things You Need to Get the Best Canned Cat Food for Weight Gain

These canned foods not just focus on only gaining but it also ensures that it is healthy by keeping various factors in minds such as quality of ingredient, nutritional value, reviews, and palatability. If you have received any success by increasing the size of the portion of their meals then it is highly recommended for cat owners to consider using the supplements mentioned below.

1. Forti Cal High-Calorie Gel By Doc Roy

It is no surprise that cats are very picky when it comes to eating the meal while one doesn’t need to be worried about Forti Cal High-Calorie Gel By Doc Roy as it is the supplement so your pet can eat the best canned cat food for weight gain available on the market today. The taste of this gel is delicious that even the most feline cats will eat happily. The cost of the pack is about $15 for three that makes it affordable.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot of time preparing this gel as it can be fed straight by using your finger or even a spoon. Due to its consistency, the gel can be blended well with food that is wet likely to dry. It comprises a healthy array of ingredients including molasses, vegetable oil, fish oil, and pork liver.

For 10 lbs of your cat’s body weight, you can serve 1.5 teaspoons. Alternatively, you can serve 3 teaspoons per 10 lbs if your pet isn’t eating well. It is an ideal supplement to boost the survival rate of newly born puppies and kittens as it provides additional energy while stimulating their appetite.


  • Three packs
  • Healthy fats, Vitamins, Minerals
  • Adult and Kittens – both can consume


  • Steeply priced

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2.Vetoquinol NutriCal

If you have restlessly been searching for a lip-smacking best canned cat food for weight gain appendage for your cat, the Vetoquinol NutriCal might just fill the bill. It will set you back about $12, which is cheaper than a myriad of other alternatives available offline, as well as on online stores.

There are two ways you can feed NutriCal to your pet. You can either feed it directly from the container it comes in or mix it with your pet’s meal. If a cat loses noteworthy weight due to its refusal to eat what you feed her, simply increase the dose and serve it in addition to her food because she might not consume it completely.

Despite lacking nutrition, ingredients such as malt syrup and molasses are calorie-laden and make the supplement more palatable for the cat. Nevertheless, it is not a recommended solution for a long time to help weight gain. Your vet is likely to change in diet citing your cat’s continuous weight loss.

Aside from these calorie-rich ingredients it is teeming with all sorts of vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that enhance its overall nutritional value.


  • Offers 28 cal per teaspoon
  • Contains Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids for healthier skin and coat
  • Ideal for cats of all ages


  • Contains unhealthy ingredients such as molasses
  • Not recommended as a weight gain solution for a longer period

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3. Tomlyn

If you are in the market for an effective best canned cat food for weight gain appendage for your cat that doesn’t cost a bomb, you might want to check the Tomlyn Nutri-Cal. Bearing an unbeatable cost of under $8, it will not set you back a pretty penny, making it a great choice for those living on a tight budget.

Despite bearing an affordable price tag, the Tomlyn Nutri-Cal works more in terms of weight as compared to a slew of other similar supplements available in the market. If your pet is a finicky eater, she’s still unlikely to resist the amazing malt flavor, which explains why a large number of buyers claim.

Nevertheless, taking the feline’s unpredictable nature into consideration, this supplement is paired with hundred percent guaranteed satisfaction. If the kitten refuses to even come close to it, or it fails to meet your expectations in terms of results, then the company is willing to return your money.

It is created to ensure your cat is fed easy-to-digest calories, whether she’s aging, sick, or extremely active. It is a perfect supplement that helps cats gain weight even if they are fussy eaters and usually refuse food.


  • Crammed with healthy ingredients 
  • Comes in malt flavor
  • Can be mixed any meal or served directly


  • Recommended only for felines that require extra energy
  • Needs to be added to cat’s paw, under the nose or directly into the mouth

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4. Miracle Vet High Calorie Weight Gainer 

Miracle Vet High Calorie Weight Gainer gives 150 cal with every ounce, making it a great choice for both cats, as well as dogs.  This best canned cat food for weight gain is an ideal supplement for cats and dogs who need to gain a few pounds.

It is loaded with components found in nature and clearly-mentioned ingredients, meaning, you do not need to be worried about feeding your feline friend harmful synthetic additives and proprietary blends that have not been disclosed to buyers.

A major portion that involves calories is derived from healthy ingredients such as canola oil and fish oil, along with a considerable amount of whey protein. Aside from these calories-laden substances, it offers a wide range of other minerals and vitamins to make sure your cat gets improved complete nutrition.

It is a veterinarian-approved formula used to make Miracle Vet High Calorie Weight Gainer that is manufactured in facilities that have been approved by the FDA. It continues to garner mixed reactions from pet owners as far as palatability to their cats is concerned.

You can use a dropper or a syringe to directly squirt the weight gainer into your furry friend’s mouth. If they don’t seem to enjoy it that way, simply mix it with the meal. This is a 16 oz bottle of the Miracle Vet High Calorie Weight Gainer retails for $25, which makes it slightly more expensive than other alternatives available in the market.


  • Contains 2,400 calories in every bottle
  • Formula approved by veterinarians
  • Loaded with various Omega fatty acids and healthy fats


  • Steeply priced
  • Mixed review from pet owners about its palatability

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5. Ample Enzyme Nutrition 

Touted as an unconventional weight gain appendage for cats, Ample Enzyme Nutrition is best canned cat food for weight gain, simply because it is helping with gaining weight. The ideal thing when the cat is unable to gain weight despite eating well is to get checked by a professional. This product is most probably the reason.

Digestive enzymes help in absorbing nutrients properly, which means, this product enables nutrients to get absorbed in your cat more without increasing the amount of meal. While your cat is taking in more calories, coupled with fats, she is likely to gain weight faster, and even maintain it.

It comprises ingredients derived from plant of human grade, making it a high-quality additive that boasts superior nutritional value. Since it comes in a powder form, mixing it properly is important with your cat’s meal, and it works even better when mixed in food with wet consistency.

On the downside, this isn’t recommended for cats that fancy eating only dry food. You’d need to shell out about $25 to get your hands on a 7 oz tub of Ample Nutrition Digestive Enzymes. While it is not easy on the pocketbook, you do not require a pet to consume a lot.


  • Includes 9 digestive enzymes
  • Recommended by Veterinarians
  • Adopts patented BPPS (Bioactive Protein Peptide System) technology


  • Relatively pricier supplement
  • Not recommended for cats that eat dry food
  • Not a traditional weight gain appendage for cat

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While some cats are naturally chubby, others seem to struggle when it comes to gaining and maintaining weight. Cats that are aging, picky eaters, extremely active, or battling health issues need assistance in the form of additional calories to gain and maintain a healthy weight.

Regrettably, increasing portion sizes doesn’t assure guaranteed weight gain. Feeding your cat, a weight gain appendage is a more reliable option when it comes to helping your feline friend put on some weight.

Much to the relief and delight of pet owners for best canned cat food for weight gain, the market is teeming with all sorts of weight gain appendages that focus on various factors such as palatability to a cat, ingredients, nutritional value, and average customer reviews.

Moreover, these supplements are quite easy to feed. It is important to consider the cat’s likes and dislikes while choosing the best weight gain appendage. While some cats are picky eaters, others simply avoid eating their meals and won’t even turn her nose at it.