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Best Dry Cat Food for Allergies( Review & Buying Guide) In 2020

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Does your cat have an allergy due to their diet? Here is a review of the best dry cat food for allergies and everything else you need to know.


Before you rule out the possibility of an illness, it’s essential to check on your cat’s diet. Since nutrition is requisite when choosing the right diet, I expound on the best dry cat food for allergies.

I have a cat pet by the name Tom; he is adorable but also a picky eater. Of course, I wouldn’t want Tommy to be all skinny, and honestly, I’ve tried almost everything on the shelves to ensure he feeds on the right diet. Usually, when my cat has allergies, the main symptoms I notice are diarrhea and vomiting.

Entirely too often, there may be some hairballs, and these red flags signal that it’s time to change the diet. However, since I wouldn’t want to act too soon, I normally consult the vet just to rule out an underlying condition. This article here explains all about triggers to cat allergies and how to deal with the phenomenon.

Accordingly, it’s essential to figure out the cause of the allergy and have a clear understanding of your cat’s food. Below here, I give an honest review of the best dry cat food for Allergies. Keep reading as I jump right into the discussion.

Best 5 Dry Cat Food for Allergies Reviews

1. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

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My first product on the list is Hill’s Science Diet’s dry cat food, which is a healthy solution for cats. This diet is made from prebiotic fiber that helps in the buildup of vital bacteria in the cat’s stomach. It also helps in supporting the microbiome of an adult cat.

I like this food since your cat can snack it, and it’s easy to digest. Thus it speeds up the absorption of nutrients in a cat’s body and, this is vital for the overall cat’s wellbeing. It’s also easy on the stool and hence deals with the issue of upset stomach or diarrhea.

This diet offers the right nutrition to your cat thanks to the omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E, which helps in taking care of the cat’s skin.

As a pet owner, you won’t have to worry about allergies since it’s made from natural products. For that reason, you’ll be at peace knowing that your cat is feeding on food free of chemicals and toxins. Finally, the diet is recommended for cats to deal with sensitive stomach and skin issues.


  • Easy on a cat’s stool and helps relieve an upset stomach
  • Has Omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E
  • It helps in the growth of essential bacteria in the stomach
  • Supports growth of microbiome in adult cats
  • Made from natural products with no chemicals and toxins
  • Speeds up the absorption of nutrients


  • The original pack had rice or egg formula, which is missing in this diet.

2. Diamond Naturals Dry Cat Food

You can find this diet at Amazon at $25.99

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My next product is Diamond Naturals’ indoor dry cat food, and Tommy loves snacking. If your cat is picky, vomits after a diet, and has a sensitive tummy, then you can as well call off your search. I trust the brand since it has consistently offered high-quality food. 

My choice for this cat food is driven by the fact that it has no corn, flavors, wheat, preservatives of colors. Many other things made me settle on this product. 

First off, it comes at an incredibly low price, which will nevertheless give maximum value and is purely natural. This diet consists of premium quality from cage-free chicken. Therefore this gives your cat all the nutrients they need for healthy living. Similarly, the amino acid in the protein is responsible for lean and firm muscles.

Other additions include vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals. In most circles, these are superfoods that also function as antioxidants. There are also fatty acids which are good for the skin and the coat. Another superior quality of this diet is that it’s highly-digestible and has prebiotic fiber that can survive in the gastrointestinal tract.


  • Gentle on a cat’s stomach
  • A brand trusted by many pet owners for many years
  • The price is reasonable
  • Consists of chicken protein
  • Have a lot of nutrients for muscle building
  • Highly palatable
  • Has prebiotic fiber that resists harsh acidic conditions in the digestive system


  • The new packaging makes users feel like there’s a change in the formula
  • The food doesn’t come in a friendly package
  • Requires mixing with other food for first-time users

3. Iams Dry Cat Food

You can find this product at Amazon at $18.27

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Some cats are sensitive to grains, and the skins may break out, leaving a trail of ugly spots. Perhaps, it’s time to change the diet. If you’re looking for a highly nourishing diet that will support your cat’s health needs, then you can consider Iams Dry Cat Food.

Not only does it provide your cat with the required nutrients for healthy living, but it’s also gentle on the stomach, and your cat doesn’t react. Iams Dry Cat Food is a lowly-priced and premium diet rich in ingredients that are purely natural with no fillers of any kind. 

I consider this diet a step up in terms of quality, especially when you compare from other food that is basically junk.

When it comes to the ingredients, Iams Dry Cat Food has farmed chicken as the main ingredient which helps in supporting strong muscles. There is no corn, soy, or wheat, which generally causes allergies. For your total peace of mind, there are no added flavors or preservatives.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Highly nutritious
  • Has farmed-chicken ingredients which is rich in proteins
  • It contains no corn, soy or wheat
  • Has no added flavors or preservative


  • The new packaging allows for food to spill when emptying in the bowl

4. Purina ONE Dry Cat Food

Available at Amazon at $9.05 

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The essential aspect of a cat’s diet is to feed them on a decent diet that’s easy on a sensitive stomach. And if your cat is a finicky eater, then you need food with some flavor so that they can enjoy it. Indeed Tommy makes happy meows during snack time if food has some flavor.

For this reason, I settled on Purina One dry cat food mainly because it’s a highly nutritious diet that comes at a great price. This diet is suitable and consists of free-range chicken to offer your cat the best protein content. The protein is also necessary for supporting the development of tough muscles.

You’ll be happy to discover that this diet has no added flavors and chemical preservatives. Everything about this product is natural, with the number of calories measuring 396kcal per cup. Further, it’s grain-free, moisture-rich, and has ample fiber that helps prevent annoying hairballs.

Purina One promises a change within the first four weeks of feeding your cat with the diet. If you accept the challenge and make it your number one cat food, then you’ll have a happy cat with a shiny fur coat, brighter eyes, and healthy dental formula.


  • Tested and proven as a number cat diet
  • Highly nutritious
  • Contains high levels of calorie
  • A high amount of protein means stronger muscles
  • Gentle on a cat’s delicate stomach
  • Results in a shiny fur coat and healthy gums


  • Some pet owners don’t like the smell of the food

5. CRAVE Dry Cat Food

This diet is available at Amazon at $31.47

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A cat suffering from food allergies can be skinny, and the hair may fall out. Most pet owners try all tricks from deworming to introducing new diets. However, the easier way out is to put your kitty on a routine program and introduce food that doesn’t cause allergies. One such diet is CRAVE Dry cat food, which has caused ripples on the cat food market.

Tommy goes crazy over this diet, and therefore, I consider it a premium cat food. For starters, after feeding my cat, I noticed that he had more energy, and his fur coat was shiny. As a product made by a leading brand, there are many positive reviews from happy customers. Secondly, the diet is packed with nutrients to support your cat’s overall health.

The main ingredient is chicken protein, which is necessary for the development of strong muscles. In addition, the diet is free of grains, wheat, soy protein, fillers, and corn, which generally cause allergies. These support the digestive system, including the absorption of essential nutrients, thereby promoting a strong immune system.

Finally, Crave cat food doesn’t contain any flavors, preservatives, or artificial colors. I highly recommend it for a bouncy, healthy, and playful cat.


  • Gentle on a cat’s stomach
  • Highly nutritious diet
  • Has lots of protein for muscle development
  • It contains no fillers, grains, corn, wheat, or soy protein.
  • Doesn’t contain artificial ingredients


  • The price is higher, considering the price is smaller.

Buying Guide

Should you buy dry cat food for allergies? Absolutely yes. I agree that hypoallergenic diets cost more than ordinary cat food. The high cost is because manufacturers put a lot of effort in ensuring the allergen levels are at a bare minimum.

Let’s face it, even if your cat hasn’t had allergic reactions in the past, chances are, in the future, they might develop allergies. Cats may not tolerate a particular diet for long and hence the need to change the diet at some point and probably introduce a new nutrient.

If your cat starts having allergies to specific types of food, then it’s time to start hunting for the right hypoallergenic diet. Even if they’re not allergic, you can introduce hypoallergenic diets early and minimize exposing your cat to allergies.

Wet dry cat food Vs. dry cat food

There are different types of diet variations, and it’s essential to differentiate the two before deciding on the best. Most pet owners, I included, love dry food since it’s convenient. It’s not messy, and I can store it anywhere.

Pundits argue that wet food offers the cat with water and ensures it’s hydrated. However, the choice of either is purely your preference as long as it’s gentle, and the cat gets the right nutritive value in the diet.

Are labels in cat food important?

Of course, it can be difficult for pet parents to try to diagnose allergies in cats. Naturally, it’s common knowledge that our feline friends are delicate and have a high risk of intestinal problems whose symptoms are similar to allergies. 

If your cat has certain allergies when they eat a certain diet, then there’s a high likelihood that they’re allergic to that diet and hence need to change.

You can pay a visit to a pet vet who will first run tests on your cat to rule out any underlying issues. A veterinarian may test different nutrients to establish the blend that’s causing an allergy and advise accordingly. 

By knowing the nutrients to avoid, then you’ll only need to read the label on the food when picking the right diet.

Are hypoallergenic foods the solution to allergies?

The bottom line is, hypoallergenic diets have minimal quantities of allergens, which are unlikely to cause any reactions to the cat. However, if your cat reacts in one type, you can try another different combination. Sometimes it can be an issue of trial and error; however, it’s crucial until you get the right diet for your cat.

Read also an article about why it’s important to understand allergies in cats here.

Factors to consider when buying dry cat food for allergies

That said, our dear cats deserve a proper diet, highly nutritious, and allergy-free. There are lots of promotions on the stores with different brands trying to outdo each other and dominate the market. 

Thus, deciding on the best diet that will suit your needs can be tricky. Worry less; I have assembled essential factors to consider when choosing dry cat food for allergies. Read on.


Although cats are primarily home pets, they are carnivores. Think of your little cat as a member of the cat family. The cousins in the wild feed on meat only. As such, your cat’s diet should contain proteins. My selection of cat diet consists of 100% protein.

Chicken protein is the best in my collection since the diet is gentle on the stomach. It’s easier to digest and consequently absorbs into the body and leads to stronger muscles. Before you buy, read the labels and ensure its chicken protein. Preferably, consider farmed chicken, unlike the ordinary caged chicken that feeds on additives.

Other things to watch out in the ingredients are additives, artificial colors, and preservatives. Ensure your cat’s diet consists of natural ingredients that are unlikely to cause allergies or reactions. Some cats react to gains, fillers, corn, and soy; thus, ensure the diet is free of these additions.

The most vital thing is to read and comprehend the labels. Although water is an integral part of the food, cats generally don’t like water. However, don’t be put off by such a scenario; some diets have water as an ingredient.

Highly nutritious diet

When buying a cat’s food, your feline must get the right nutrition for their overall health as explained in details here. The diet should have better proportions of water, crude fiber, crude fat, and crude protein. Typically, these are available in the labels. Other micronutrients such as carbs, energy, minerals, and vitamins are available in different quantities.

Texture, flavors, and smell

Without a doubt, cats can be finicky. Some cats will love certain smells or tastes, while others will just sniff and walk away. The takeaway here is getting them to eat the right food. When introducing a new diet, start small. A bit of trial and see how our cat behaves. It can cost you more, however, it’s not a futile exercise since you’ll get to know what your cat loves.


My review includes dry cat foods with high ratings from happy customers. These also have the best score, high standards for ingredients, and are available from leading retailers. Be sure to get a high-quality diet for your cat and not merely any diet.

I feel that these products offer a wide variety in terms of recipes and ingredients. From my selection, I highly recommend the Hill Science diet as the best dry cat food for allergies. It’s a special recipe and is highly hypoallergenic, and this makes it suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Grains don’t constitute part of a cat’s natural diet, and as such, they don’t add any nutritive value to the cat. Furthermore, cats are sensitive to grains and other fillers. Therefore, to keep your cat allergy-free, consider no grain diet. Also, to make your cat eat, look out for natural flavors so that you can lure those picky eaters.

Hopefully, my review has been of assistance, and now you can hit the store with confidence. In the meantime, Tommy continues to munch on his hypoallergenic diet, and as a pet parent, I can rest easy that all will well.