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Best Dry Cat Food for Diabetic Cats Reviewed for Quality

the best dry cat food for diabetic cats

Feed your diabetic cat with the best dry cat food for diabetic cats which contains only the necessary ingredients to help manage her condition.


Diabetes is a common health issue with us humans but also affect our furry friends too. In cats, it’s the transportation failure of carbohydrates to the body’s cells to provide energy by insulin. Lack of energy in cells leads to several serious problems and symptoms such as heightened blood sugar. Cat’s diabetes is better diagnosed by a veterinarian and treated using the right insulin injection.

There is a close relationship between obesity and diabetes, but most people hardly notice this in their cats. Continuous feeding on foods with high calories will worsen your cat’s health. You will start noticing some symptoms or unusual behaviors like frequent urination and a ravenous appetite. Adopting the best dry cat food for diabetic cats will help your cat to tone down and reach a healthy weight.

This type of food is low on calories (carbohydrates) to control blood sugar and high in real animal proteins for lean muscles. Of course, cats aren’t created to feed on grains but are naturally carnivorous. Food for a diabetic cat also includes essential minerals and vitamins to boost immunity and better skin cover.

Below we have reviewed the best option in the market with a key focus on nutrition. Hence, all our best picks are low on carbs and higher proteins.

Top 5 dry cat food for diabetic cats reviews

1.  Rachael Ray Nutrish Superfood Blends Dry Cat Food

Cats are never really meant to eat large amounts of plant food, but little blending with real raw meat and fish makes the cat meal delicious and nutritious. Therefore, the Rachael Ray Nutrish Superfood Blends Dry Cat Food is made with simple, natural ingredients with chicken and salmon as the main meal. This type of meat is highly digestible and rich in high-quality protein that boosts energy levels and lean muscles.

It’s blended with lentils that are naturally rich in fiber and protein but low in fat to help in metabolism and control weight. Other additions include antioxidant-rich fruits that proved essential vitamins and minerals to support your cat’s immune system.

This dry cat meal contains it has no ground corn, wheat, soy, or other fillers. Hence, its the best for a diabetic adult cat or at risk of becoming one. The medium-sized pellets are easy to apportion and comfortable for your cat to chew and swallow. They are also crispy and crunchy, and your cat will love every bite to the last piece.


·         Provides a balanced diet with low fat and no grains

·         It’s highly digestive to prevent stomach irritation

·         Easy to chew kibble

·         Rich in antioxidant berries for immunity


·         Your cat may add weight.

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

2.  Purina Beyond Grain Free

The Purina Beyond Grain Free cat food is a high protein meal that features real meat, fish, or poultry. It contains no corn, wheat, soy, or poultry by-product meal since cats don’t really digest grain well and not suitable for your diabetic cat. The high-quality meal is ideal for cats with sensitive digestive systems and allergies. No more cleaning your house every time the cat vomits.

This diet for your adult cat also contains essential vitamins and minerals to provide complete and balanced nutrition for long life. As much as it’s formulated to attract the smell senses of your cat, it comes without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The packaging also varies to suit the amount you need to feed one or many cats before becoming stale.

Some low-quality diets make your cat leave crumbs at the bottom of her food dish that you are forced to throw out because she wouldn’t eat them. With this Purina Beyond, the pellets are just the right size to bite and so she will eat the whole thing. Any leftovers can be easily stored for the next serving without spoiling their taste.


·         It’s a grain-free and low carbohydrates formulation

·         Added nutrient for a balanced diet

·         Free from artificial preservatives and flavors or colors

·         It’s available in variable packages


·         Makes your cat smelly immediately after feeding

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

3.  Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free is a formulation of tasty chicken meat as the main ingredient for your adult and diabetic cat. It’s a dry food that is rich in proteins as the main ingredient and very low in carbohydrates. Cats don’t only love real chicken, but it’s also very easy to chew and digest.

This meal is grain-free and will help to develop lean muscles to enable your cat to keep active without adding weight. It also includes balanced portions of vitamins and minerals from carefully selected fruits and vegetables to support the immune system. In addition, it contains a mix of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to give your cat a strong and smooth fur coating.

Besides the absence of any chicken by-products, corn, wheat, or soy, this diabetic cat meal does not contain artificial flavors or preservatives. Hence, just purchase the adequate amount to feed your cat within a short time and restock later with a fresh pack. This packaging design is meant to prevent your cat from getting stomach disorders and vomiting.


·         It boosts your cat’s immunity system

·         Provides just adequate energy for your cat to stay active

·         Contains natural fiber for fullness and to assist with digestion

·         Smooth transition from current food without disorders


·         One of the expensive cat meals on the market

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

4.  Grain Free Dry Cat Food by Hill’s Science Diet

The Grain Free Dry Cat Food by Hill’s Science Diet is formulated for diabetic cats with a sensitive digestive system. Nobody loves collecting vomits and large wet stools all over the compound. This brand will bring an end to indigestion and keep your home clean. The highly digestible meal for adult cats also ensures that every portion you give is absorbed in the body.

This dry cat meal also contains vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids that are essential for skin nourishment. Your cat will shed its rough fur and quickly grow a smooth, bright coating making it look younger and healthier. In addition, it brings about noticeable positive change in playfulness.

This diabetic cat food features high-quality protein from salmon fish as the first ingredient to provide clinically proven antioxidant benefits. It contains no additives, food colors, or preservatives to give your cat only what it requires. The packaging includes essential information on how regular to feed your cat and amounts depending on her body weight.


·         It contains essential nutrients for skin nourishment

·         Highly digestible for maximum absorption.

·         Appropriate disc kibble size for ease of chewing

·         Free of artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives


·         Not the best choice for an overweight cat

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

5.  ORIJEN High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Cat Food

The ORIJEN High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Cat Food brims with unmatched ingredients. It includes a wide variety of wild-caught fish from the cold waters and delivered raw and fresh. Your cat is by nature, biologically wild, and should be allowed to eat a wild-caught meal with zero grains. This meal is healthy for feeding your diabetic cat due to its low fat and sugar ingredients.

This grain-free cat food comes with a blend of monkfish, herring, Acadia, whole Atlantic mackerel, flounder, and silver hake. This six fish combination comes in the most appropriate ratios to mirror wild prey. It is prepared without outsourcing any of the ingredients to ensure that it meets all the safety measures. Therefore, the chance of your cat developing stomach problems is completely out of the question.

In addition to its high meat protein richness, this savory cat meal features healthy fruit and vegetables to boost your cat’s immunity and blood count. However, for a smooth transition, a gradual twenty-five percent increment is highly recommended.


·         High quality and natural animal ingredients

·         Six fish ingredients are never outsourced for health safety

·         Easy transit your cat within four quarters

·         Made from whole prey ingredients with zero grains

·         Added vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables


·         It’s an expensive meal compared to other brands

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

Buying Guide

There are very many brands of dry cat foods for diabetes out there in the stores. Some will come with high flying packages to attract your attention, but what matters most is the inner content. Your cat is diabetic, and that means its time you honor her with a natural carnivorous diet. This means looking at what is the ration of amino acids against the carbohydrate.

It will be interesting to note that the best food for diabetic cats in the market is more expensive compared to other normal foods. This is because it’s the best-balanced food for even a cat that is not diabetic. It’s basically carnivorous food with added vitamins and minerals.

What is the best diet for diabetic cats?

Treatment for your diabetic cat works well with a diet less in carbohydrates and rich in proteins. Such foods should contain options like real beef, salmon, chicken, or tuna that have high protein. Diabetic foods should also be served at regular intervals every day.

Not all dry cat foods are good for feeding your special diet cat. What’s important to note is whether the nutritional profile that formulated the cat food is suitable for a diabetic cat.

Why the best cat food for diabetic cats is less in carbohydrates

If your friend has been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s also possible that she will need to manage weight issues overtime. Hence, most foods for cats with diabetes will have lower carbohydrates, which means low calories. It will also help to prevent heightened sugar levels in the blood, which can be harmful to your cat. Therefore, when you go shopping, don’t be misled by foods branded as diabetic cat food, while their carbohydrates levels are not the right ones.

Considerations when buying the best dry cat food for diabetic cats

Having understood what it means to own a diabetic cat, the best you can do is help her live a beautiful happy life by giving the right food. Below are a few but very essential factors to consider before paying for that package.

Consult the veterinarian

Your vet will tell you that diabetes is common in cats, and that is a manageable disorder. Before you prescribe any form of diet to your diabetic cat, it’s advisable to check her health status. This includes checking on current body mass index, level of blood sugar, and any other underlying conditions.

Some insulin medications might be necessary that will go together with the recommended diet as nutrition is vital in treating your diabetic cat. In addition, your vet will also advise on how regularly to feed your cat and at what times in order to reverse the current position as fast as possible.

Low or zero carbohydrate

the law may not be very categorical on the listing of carbohydrates content on that packaging. If this percentage is missing, consider adding up the other nutrients and subtracting from the total 100. this should be enough to inform you how much calories that particular food will give your diabetic cat.

In addition, you should take a walkthrough at the ingredients in the diet to determine if the food is truly low on starch. Look out for grain like ingredients such as corn, wheat, or soy, which are high in calories even if they are in a few grams. The amount of carbohydrates should not exceed 10% irrespective of whether the package is listed as food for cats with diabetes.

Rich in proteins

Cats are naturally carnivorous and born to prey on animal food that is rich in amino acids. Hence your diabetic cat is only requesting to be fed on its natural diet. Ensure that the crude protein content in dry foods is about 40% or more. Higher amounts of protein help your cat to develop lean muscles to remain active and healthy.

The protein should be easy to digestive and with a higher absorption rate to ensure your cat feeds on smaller quantities per serving. Dry foods for cats with diabetics include real chicken, salmon, or tuna freshly sourced and free from protein by-products. A blend of vitamins and minerals is an added value to boost your cat’s immunity and develop smooth fur coating.

 High-fiber content

Fiber is a form of carbohydrate that can’t be digested by a cat’s digestive system. It, however, provides the bulk to move food through the system and enables other nutrients to be well digested and absorbed in the body. The other role of high fiber content is to increase the feeling of fullness to prevent your cat from demanding to eat often and therefore helping in weight management.

 Flavors and texture

Cats are very keen pets when it comes to the way food is presented and have a strong sense of smell to help decipher the contents in the meal. They can just sniff a meal, and if they don’t like the smell, they will walk away and sleep hungry. Some food companies would add flavors to make the food appealing to your cat. As much as this is necessary, your choice of food for your ailing cat should be special and free of artificial flavors and additives.

The dry food for diabetic cats, which mostly comes in kibbles, should be easy to chew with a crunchy texture. This makes the cat feel good chewing every bite. More so, good textured food minimizes crumbs at the bottom of the plate, which you are forced to throw away. Hence, it reduces wastages from leftovers and saves you money for her medication.

In Conclusion

Having a diabetic cat is very normal, a blessing in disguise and should not weigh you down for even a minute. It’s a manageable disease, just like in humans, and your cat should be able to go through normal life for many more years. Always consult your veterinarian first before deciding on the next course of action and get advice on the right diet for your diabetic cat.

Cats thrive well when fed with a balanced diet with a bias in the ration of proteins and carbohydrates. Feeding your diabetic cat with foods rich in proteins, low in carbs, and added vital vitamins and minerals would give her a very peaceful life. Too much starch isn’t good as it promotes more sugars in the blood and increases body weight, which is detrimental to your cat’s health.

We hope that this review has enriched you in diabetes management and has given you the confidence in your diabetic cat. Therefore, feed her with the best dry cat food for diabetic cats to help her manage the condition. Besides feeding the right food, keep her active by playing and exercising regularly. Don’t forget to give her the prescribed medication at the right time.