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10 Best Cat Breeds for Families

10 Best Cat Breeds for Families

Cats are the most friendly feline creatures on the planet. They love to be in the company of family, especially those large ones with kids. Based on lifestyle preferences and work routine, you would want a furry kitty to tide you over the tiresome and lonesome days. It’s not easy to distinguish and choose household cats with the best behaviour. If you are looking out for an indoor easy-going family-friendly cat breed, then read on to know more. 

Here are the 10 Best Cat Breeds for Families

1. Exotic Shorthair Cats:

The Exotic shorthair cat tops the list of the high demand breeds. It is the crossbreed between the American shorthair cat and the Persian cats. These cats are similar to the Persian breed in every characteristic, except in their short furs. It makes them the first choice amongst families who do not have much time for routine fur grooming. They are known to display bouts of affection and loyalty when compared to any other cat breed. The Exotic shorthair cats are commonly known as the “lazy man’s Persian”.

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2. Maine Coon Cats:

The Maine Coon cats are one of the largest domestic breeds. They are loved for their brilliance and playfulness. They are natives of North America and are fondly known as the “gentle giants”. They are recognised for their fluffy fur coats and rugged outward look. These cats can grow up to an impressive 30 lbs in weight. The Maine Coon cats grow to their fullest by age 5. They are vibrant, energetic and full of life. This makes them one of the best loyal companions to breed and train at home. They follow you around and are great play buddies to your kids. This cat breed tends to move around with people better than other feline breeds. It is believed to have originated in Europe and brought into England between the 17th and 18th centuries. 

The thick layered fur coats of the Maine coon cats makes them easily adaptable to the biting cold of the harsh winters. Their large, strong paws could easily walk on the snow. 

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3. Persian Cats:

Persian cats are devoted chubby looking cats with gentle and sweet personalities. It is a highly valued breed for cat lovers. Their affectionate nature and round eyes make you want to fawn over them all day long. 

Did you know that the Persian cats are one of the oldest feline breeds originating way back to the 1684 B.C? It is believed to have originated in Persia, hence its name. This cat breed has evolved through a lot of changes over the years, especially in colour and body build. However, its dense fur and softer expressions have remained unchanged over the centuries. The Persian cats are one breed that needs all the care and regular grooming to keep them healthy and their usual vibrant self. Regular brushing of its fur can prevent matting and other related ailments. Maintaining good oral hygiene and giving them a good bath can go a long way in restoring the natural shine to their fur coats. 

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4. American Short-Haired Cats:

As the name itself suggests, these cats are world-renowned as an “American breed”. The early European settlers introduced them. This cat breed has gained its place in households as a family-friendly breed. With its charming temperament and ability to get around with everyone in the family, it is the perfect pet. During the olden days, these cats were once excellent hunters and could soon diminish the population of disease-carrying rodents. This made it a much-loved feline animal amongst the farmers. It is one of the registered cat breeds in America. This is one low maintenance feline animal that has gained respect and the love of people through the centuries.

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5. Devon Rex Cats:

The Devon Rex Cats are commonly referred to as a pixie feline. It is a new cat breed that exhibits more dog behaviour. It originated in England in the year 1960 and has an appearance similar to that of a bat. With its mischievous and fun-loving personality, it has captured the heart of cat fanciers. The quirkiness and curly furs are a result of the breeding of this cat species with recessive genes. The Devon Rex cat breed was discovered by accident and found to be one that went undetected all this time.

This cat breed aims to please people around it. It is intelligent to recognize and respond to its name and those that this cat is familiar with. It is the perfect play companion for kids with its free-spirited personality and a trickster at heart. 

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6. Scottish Fold Cats:

The Scottish fold cats are playful, friendly, and a demure breed. It has an owl-like appearance which is an easily recognized characteristic of this breed. It moves along well with other household pets. It is a true friend amongst family members with a charming way of communicating and expressing through different purrs. Generally, most of the Cats in this breed grow straight ears. It is the other cats with the special genes that exhibit unusual folded ones that give them the owl-like appearance. The Scottish fold cat breed was discovered in 1966 and soon became one of the most sought-after cats in Asia and Europe. Some of them can be found sitting in Buddha-like poses, creating funny moments.

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7. Sphynx Cats:

The Sphynx cat breeds are recognized with its characteristic furless body and pronounced facial characteristics. It is a new cat breed that originated in Canada in 1966. The absence of fur on this cat is due to a genetic anomaly. This breed is rare and was crossbred with other short fur cats to make them healthy and strong. The uniqueness of this cat has made it a popular breed and in demand in the United States. It is playful, energetic, and always the center of attention, making it an ideal family cat. As it lacks fur on its skin, it cannot withstand the harsh external weather and outdoor environment. The body is exposed, and vulnerable to the harmful elements of nature and extra care needs to be taken.

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8. Abyssinian Cat:

The Abyssinian cats are loved for their trademark similarity to the ancient Egyptian cat. They are living with a mixture of loyalty, curiosity, and playfulness. This cat goes all out to participate and engage in activity amongst people and explore more of their environment. They are not lap cats who sit idle. They have strong well-developed muscles and fast legs that children love to play along. They are fondly called as Abys and are now a registered cat breed. 

The Abyssinian cat breeds obtained their name from Ethiopia, their place of origin. Ethiopia was previously known as Abyssinia. This cat breed originated in 1872 but was introduced in America only in 1900. This cat breed can be seen in 4 colour mixes which include that of burnt sienna, fawn, And darker Browns. 

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9. British Shorthair Cats:

The British shorthair cats were crossbred between the Persian cats and the native wild cats of England. The Romans introduced it. The British shorthand cats have thicker and more dense fur with its movie starring appearances. This makes it popular in TV shows, movies, advertisements and even as book characters. The British shorthair cat has been the trademark symbol for several brands as well. 

This cat is recognised for its resemblance to the bulldog, which makes it in high demand amongst pet lovers. They are known for their Independent side choosing to sit along with people like Watch Dogs, and not on their laps. They are keen observers who prefer sitting by the sidelines or perched on the wall most of the time. These cats love the attention and companionship of family and kids. Their vocal skills are on display during entertaining activities or when food is about to be served. 

10. Ragdoll Cat:

Ragdoll cats are typical lap breeds that love to be petted and pampered in your arms. They are popularly known as puppy cats with bushy fur resembling those of a dog. The affectionate and sweet temperament of the Ragdoll cats makes them good companions to keep around the house. They love to do everything with their owner, from sleeping to eating, catching a ball, watching TV or a silent companion. They are good with the elderly and children, with pleasing manners. The ragdoll cats are fast learners and can perform tricks just like dogs. This cat breed features adorable and affectionate eyes that can captivate and mesmerize almost anyone. This popular breed was introduced in 1960 by a cat breeder Ann Baker. 

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All of the above cats have calm demeanours and are a welcome sight at home as they bond well with the family. Each of these cat breeds is the living embodiments of all that you look for in a pet. Your family feels complete with these cuddly loving creatures at home.