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7 Best Cat Litter For Odor Reviews And Buying Guide For Your Feline Friends

best cat litter for odor

Can’t get your hands off your adorable furry cat? We know the feeling. Like Bast, the Egyptian feline goddess, cats are royalty and they deserve to be treated so. However, when it comes to their litter boxes, you can’t help but crinkle your nose and wonder how such a cute pet can create a mess that’s as stinky as can be! 

You try air fresheners and deodorizers but nothing seems to work. One option would be to transfer the sandbox outside but you don’t want to let your pawed lovey be uncomfortable out there. 

The solution? The best cat litter for odor! There are specific properties that you have to be aware of when going through a selection of litter that targets stench. Likewise, they should be able to neutralize said stench. 

For the purpose of warranting that you can finally bid adieu to odor-causing litter, read on to learn about the best cat litter for odor reviews, as well as an accompanying buying guide for you!

Here is the Best Cat Litter for Odor

1. Nature’s Miracle Odor Destroyer For Cat Litter

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It’s only normal that cat litter will begin to smell funky when poopoos and peepees are left on it for a while. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about this problem. For battling that stink, you can rely on Nature’s Miracle Odor Destroyer For Cat Litter. 

Fluids From Litter, Be-Gone! 

What this best cat litter for odor does is that it draws away moisture in your fuzzy wuzzy’s sandbox. Fluids that remain as they are, are usually what later on begin to release an odor. Therefore, wicking away that fluid is an essential feature of this product. 


  • High in quality  
  • Tested safe for both feline and human health 
  • For multiple cats


  • A few owners have complained about it becoming twice the original price.

2. Fresh Step Clumping Litter For Odor, With Febreze 

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Here’s the best cat litter for odor that partnered with one of the best deodorizers ever known! A bold claim but we’re not taking it back. Say hello to the Fresh Step Clumping Litter For Odor, with Febreze. 

Easy-Breezy With Febreze 

With Febreze, you imagine a deodorizing spray that you use to make a room smell as fresh as flowers. Even business establishments utilize them for that very purpose. Thus, this cat litter has that extra kick of Febreze to eliminate stink and let your home have a gosh-golly pleasing scent! 


  • Scented with Febreze
  • Immediately clumps upon contact with urine and feces 
  • Low in dust for convenient pouring and scooping


  • A few owners have complained that it’s not as dustless as it claims to be.

3. Arm And Hammer Double Duty For Odor, Clumps For Cat Litter 

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With the strongest arm and the toughest hammer, so to speak, comes the best cat litter for odor that is going to let your jaw drop to the floor because of its odor control strength. We’re talking about the Arm And Hammer Double Duty For Odor, Clumps For Cat Litter. 

More Odor Eliminators Than Others

This is something that this litter always proudly and confidently proclaims. 20 times stronger than its competitors, you can be assured that its odor neutralizers will kick and punch that foul tang with just as much vigor. That’s 20+, folks! 


  • Contains baking soda crystals for stronger stench eliminating
  • Instantly forms hard clumps 
  • Free of dust for up to 99.9%


  • A few owners have complained about its slow clumping property. 

4. NonScents Unscented Deodorizer For Litter Box

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Here’s something different when it comes to deodorizing your feline friend’s litter box. It isn’t litter in itself. It’s something you pour on top of it, like sprinkles (not that cat litter is anything close to a cupcake)! This is the NonScents Unscented Deodorizer For Litter Box. 

Longevity That’s Longer Than You Can Imagine 

Tired of changing the litter box at lesser intervals time and time again? Does it seem like you change it only after every few days because everyone just can’t stand its stank anymore? Then you’re going to love this best cat litter for odor! Because it will extend the life of cat litter for 2 times longer! 


  • For longer-lasting cat litter and lesser times of litter changing
  • Very easy to apply; simply pour it on top of your cat’s litter
  • It can be used on other odorous items like garbage cans, animal carriers, etc.


  • A few owners have complained about its very high price. 

5.  Purina Tidy Cats Litter With Glade Clear Springs Scent

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Another partnership with a popular deodorizing product that’s beloved by cat owners and their loveable cats! For the best cat litter for odor that’s scented, choose the Purina Tidy Cats Litter With Glade Clear Springs Scent. 

Powerful Ammonia Blockers

And that’s “Powerful” with a capital P! What this ultimately implies is that odor can be masked and eradicated. As a result, it will keep the stench away for about 2 weeks! This means that your cat can use its litter for that long, without any litter-adding or changing. A money and time saver for you, dear pet owner. Plus, it also has Glad deodorizer for a scent that’s good for the home. 


  • Contains Power Pieces for moisture and odor-absorption
  • Creates tight clumps for effortless cleaning 
  • Can be used for multi-cats


  • A few owners don’t prefer its scent and some have complained that it doesn’t neutralize tough odor.

6. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter With Glade Scent

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There’s no going back to your old brand once you’ve tried, tested, and proven a cult favorite. We have a second Purina product here and you’ll want it for your pawed buddy, too! The Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter With Glade Scent.

A Light Aroma That’s Pleasing To Both Feline And Human Noses

Do you find that spraying deodorizer bottles around the house doesn’t do anything for the stinkiness coming from your cat’s litter box? Instead of leaning on this ineffective practice, replace litter with this best cat litter for odor that has Glade’s signature Clean Blossoms fragrance. Who knew that cat litter could smell this fresh?


  • Very lightweight
  • Comfortable to pour because it’s low in dust
  • Can last for about 14 days


  • A few owners have complained about its lightweight feature and that it quickly travels when a light wind blows. 

7. Fresh Step Cat Litter Unscented, Guaranteed With Odor Control

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This one’s an option for cat lovers who aren’t exactly fond of having fragrances in their cat’s litter box. For odor control that’s unscented, you can trust the Fresh Step Cat Litter Unscented, Guaranteed With Odor Control. 

Activate Your Pawed Lovey’s Litter Box With Activated Charcoal

You’re looking at the best cat litter for odor that has a unique element in it— activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is known for how it can draw bacteria and toxins out, along with moisture, for a dry, neutral odor for cat litter. 


  • ClumpLocking technology for dry clumps
  • Does not contain artificial fragrances
  • Can last for about 10 days


  • A few owners have complained that it’s quite dusty. 

The Cat Owner’s Buying Guide For The Best Cat Litter For Odor, For A Stench Bye-Bye! 

There are a variety of options in the market out there with regards to the best cat litter for odor. To avoid confusion, and perhaps, accidentally purchasing the wrong one, here are essential guidelines you can follow in picking only the best and the most effective.

Odor Elimination or Neutralization 

As made very straightforward and blunt through the title of this post, the topmost factor you should consider when selecting the best cat litter for odor is its capacity to control stench. Check on materials that are able to clump and seal poopoos and peepees instantly, thus trapping their stench well. 

Dry And Hard Clumping 

In relation to number 1, the litter has to have excellent clumping properties. And when the litter is in contract with moisture, it should instantaneously clump solidly, and in a very dry manner. That’s because this is also a key factor in trapping funky smells. 

Scented Or Unscented

Now, this component is very much based on the owner’s preference. Some cat owners choose scented litter for an aroma that’s similar to home deodorizers. On the other hand, there are also those who’d rather have an unscented make so as not to clash with the natural redolence in a room. In other words, this one’s up to you! 


Maintaining a litter box is no easy feat. It requires a lot of patience. But along with this, it requires the best cat litter for odor so that stink from your feline buddy’s excrement will be eradicated, and won’t fill your space! With the guidelines above, choose the ideal litter for your cat today.