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Best Cat Litter Mats in 2023

cat litter mat


In the wild, felines normally discharge in soft or sandy soil for manageable burial. They utilize their paws in a regressive clearing movement to cover their dung. To animate their intuitive desire, a litter box’s base is filled ordinarily with an inch (2.5 cm) or a greater amount of feline litter. Litter box filler is a free, granular material that ingests dampness and smells, for example, alkali. Some litter brands contain preparing a soft drink to ingest such scents. The litter material likewise fulfills a feline’s natural want to utilize an effectively burrowed material. The most widely recognized material is soil, despite the fact that reused paper “pellets” and silica-based “gem” variations are likewise utilized. In some cases, when a proprietor wishes to invigorate the feline’s normal impulses, common earth is utilized.


A Cat litter Mat is really simple. It is essentially a bit of rubber, PVC, or other material that you place under the litter box that is intended to get the greater part of the litter that is spilled out of the container. Since they are commonly so straightforward in structure, they are generally very affordable, in any event, for the “top-notch” mats. The Mats would then be able to be effectively grabbed and the litter disposed of in the rubbish or it tends to be vacuumed. There are two essential kinds of litter mats: PVC and elastic.

Types of Cat Litter Mat?

First, we need to understand the types of mats that’s best for our cats also, to fit with your home stylistic theme.

cat litter mat

PVC Litter Mats

PVC Litter Mats are simply made of a thick PVC-based work that catches the litter while as yet being comfortable for the feline to roam on. The mesh is thick with the goal that the litter will basically be “wedged” into it which takes into simple vacuuming or you can likewise get the whole mat and shake it into a garbage can to remove the caught litter granules.

Pros: Cheaper, come in numerous decent rug colors and extraordinary designs

           Can pull in scents  more effectively 

Cons: Requires more maintenance

Rubber Litter Mats

Rubber litter mats can be made of a variety of rubber-like Elements. They are unique in relation to PVC on catching the litter. Many will be twofold layered, with the top layer containing numerous huge openings that take into account the litter granules to fall through and the base layer being a strong bit of material that gets the litter.

Pros: Less maintenance, has the superior performance of securing feline smells 

Cons: Can be very costly, many designs but not as good as PVC mats designs

Here’s the best of the best Cat Litter Mats that you’ll ever need to see to choose from


UPSKY Double Large Cat Litter Mat 


Price: $14.99


 5 Star rating

It is comprised of great material, and you simply need to flip and beat it to expel the litter. In addition, the PVC made mat is absolutely durable and as an exceptionally tough design. It is slip-resistance and will keep the feline litter in one spot. Moreover, this won’t make more mess on the floor and will likewise remove the litter for your feline’s feet. This is an ideal Mat that will help you in keeping your pets at home. This is a great buy product and keeps litter on the mat.

This cat litter mat comes in a wide range of colors. You can manage the mat as indicated by your very own preferences, and it is additionally simple to clean. This is enormous, and you can even fasten them together to make it bigger. You can utilize it for different purposes like a resting mat as it is extremely delicate and pleasant.

Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Litter Trapping Mat

Price: $18.99


 5 Star rating

This Cat mat comprised of solid materials and is likewise non-toxic. This Cat mat will last for quite a while and will hold its unique shape in any event, when you overlay it. It is truly comfortable and is good for feline’s paws. This product extremely simple to clean and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or with water and cleanser. This is exceptionally soft, and your felines can even sleep on it take a rest.

With this product, you’ll be able to prevent the dispersing of feline litter on the floor. The honeycomb design and will accumulate the dirt spilled on the top of the mat and then it will go through the base layer. In addition, this mat is waterproof and it is guaranteed that no fluid will run through the base layer. In addition, this will secure your rugs and floor, and definitely no piss stains. It is indeed exceptionally safe and won’t do any harm with your kitties

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Cat Litter Trapping Mat

Price: $15.99


 5 Star rating

This Cat mat is without phthalate and moreover goes with straightforward cleaning. You can wash with cleanser and water and flush off or else you can vacuum clean it. Open in a wide scope of colors and comes in two one of a kind sizes of extra-large and jumbo. It is lightweight and is ideal for cat lovers. Besides, this is moreover thick and is fitting for the fragile paws of your feline.

A super alluring looking product, This is exceptionally enormous and will guarantee that your flooring stays clean. Moreover, it will guarantee that your feline’s paws will stay dirt free ​and delicate. Additionally, it is strong and is built for life-long use. This is likewise anti-skid and guaranteed that the feline litter won’t be spilled on your flooring. Top-notch product that will guard your home spot-less for your little cat and family.

Gorilla Grip Original Cat Litter Mat

Price: $16.49


 5 Star rating

Another anti-skid mat that makes sure that your mat stays in one spot. This is to keep up the cleanliness in your house, it’s extremely simple to maintain, just wash it with cleanser or use a vacuum. Also it is super light. A perfect product for feline owners. Furthermore, it is extremely delicate on foot it catches the litter adequately. It arrives in a reasonable range, your cat would want to rest on it. for sure this product is outstanding amongst other feline litter mats accessible.

With this feline litter mat, you will have the peace of mind that your floor and rug stays clean.  It can trap feline litter and maintain your home from the mess. It has a gorilla hold and is an entirely durable item. This will give you enduring adequacy and is structured intensely. Additionally, it is extremely best in class and will guarantee that the feline litter doesn’t spread on the floor. It is likewise sheltered and delicate and is phthalate-free.

Easyology Premium Large Mats

Price: $16.99


 5 Star rating

The design is very lovely, and the company offers a full refund guarantee. The material is BPA free, and consequently, it won’t harm your felines. The delicate touch will be cherished by your pets. What’s more, the pets can clean their paws effectively on it. The characteristic elastic back will anticipate sliding and secure your floor. Moreover, it is toxic-free and perfect for delicate felines. Furthermore, you can utilize a vacuum cleaner or flush or clean it by shaking.

A top-rated feline litter mat as of now, and the item has exceptionally high-level comes with different color alternatives accessible to blend with your house’ stylistic theme. The item is delicate, comfortable, solid and effective. It is exceptionally bulky and broad. Moreover, the item is likewise anti-wear, and It is designed to prevent litters from spilling. Additionally, this mat so light,it is also water proof. Washing it, is very simple and convenient.

Buyer's Guide


A Cat litter mat works naturally, it catches the tiny piece of litter that the cat happens to snap outside the litter box, just like a particle that glued to their paws. Providing the length of time that the mat has a deep portion, it can catch the litter dirt.

And a great litter mat for feline can manage debris of clutter and leave your home cleaner. A litter mattress is similar to the opposite side of a doormat for your feline’s box, getting and detaching a large portion of the litter that tumbles against their paws.

Advantages of using a feline litter Mat

A feline litter mat is an uncommon floor covering that is intended to trap the bits of litter from the paws of your feline, accordingly keeping them from littering all over the house. 

Feline litter mats are also called “feline litter following mat. These mats are commonly set neighboring the feline litter box to screen any litter that gets joined to the feline paws and claws. A powerful feline litter mat that limits the following of litter while being agreeable for the feline to stroll on.

There are numerous kinds of feline litter, however, they have one thing in common this is the little particles that can get everywhere throughout the house. And they can flip out the tray when utilizing and stuck from your cat’s paws. And at the point that they head off to different places of the house they are taking their litter along them. This can imply that feline owners go through hours cleaning houses rather than spending time playing and bonding with their cats.

There is almost anything that you can do to prevent this from happening the undeniable alternative is sweet it up. However, as you may their process. The right choice is to utilize a feline litter mat and a litter box. A perfect method to avoid litter being flip out and stuck with your feline paws.

Guidelines on How to Clean your Feline Litter Mat

Notwithstanding the task of washing the litter box, the errand of occasionally cleaning your cat litter mat intends to get you added activities. So, you would clearly like a cat litter mat that is simple to clean occasionally or after a mishap.

Mainly, the twofold layered elastic/EVA cat litter mats need minor care, as the cover layers have gushes and scores that allow the litter to get gathered on the base layer, which would then be able to flow back in the litter dish or into the waste. Additionally, such cat litter mats enable you to include a meager fascinating cushion over the base layer to ingest any pee mishaps that your feline may have on the cat litter mat.


  • Vacuum Cleaning: Vacuuming is the brisk and simple way for cleaning smooth outer or curled mats. It does not require heading outside, getting wet or bursting out a hose and it can occur alongside your ordinary housekeeping routine. The main problem of vacuuming is when the mats curled, vacuums may battle to gathering all staying soil and litter. 
  • Shakeouts: To start with, assemble the mat cautiously, making a point not tip or twist it and drop any litter piece settled in the curls. Without any abrupt motion or flipping around the mat, go outside. Turn it vertical and shake out the litter mat, making the litter break free of the loops.
  • Hand Washing: Flushing is a particularly significant cleaning strategy for litter mat that is level or has bent lips to get wet wrecks. If your feline is inclined to spewing or releases, you’ll need to make certain to flush the mat with water to clean it. Now and again, you may even need to apply an animal-friendly cleanser to the outside of the litter mat and delicately rub it in before showering it clean. Litter mat is waterproof and can be washed using hand or hosed down in a basin or bowl with cleanser and water. We suggest utilizing fluid hand dish washing cleanser, or some other delicate cleanser. It isn’t prescribed to clean the mat utilizing tough synthetic substances or bleach. We don’t suggest washing the mat in a clothes washer. Also, never put your cat litter mat in a drying machine it may liquefy and make serious harm to your machine.
  • Drying Mat: Should be air-dried and ideally not onto direct daylight before you can use the litter cat mat again. This can keep from developing mold and secure your floor area.

Litter Management Tip

For the litter mats to be best at getting litter, significantly, your litter box and mat are situated deliberately. One of the best and widely recognized issues that individuals encounter is that their feline kick and dump litter within the air with the goal that it flees out the litter box to their litter mat. If the litter flees over your litter mat there’s no chance to get for the litter mat to snare the litter.

This may sound peculiar and appear as though entity your feline dislike, however it the most ideal answer to prevent litter from dumping completely to the litter mat, yet it is an entity that most felines love. If you’re utilizing a litter box with an encased cover and has a sole opening, place the opening at the wall instead of looking out toward the room. Give plenty of space for your feline to enter in and out of the container. Position your mat insert under the box, standing out before the opening so it will extend the wall. Felines quite like this superior when the opening looking out the room as they get more security. Most felines will rapidly locate the opening to the litter box. However, if you’re not sure if your feline will discover how you can get them and put them directly before the opening by the divider with the goal that they “find” it.

Final remarks

The feline mats design that catch the dirt from the cat’s foot. There are various patterns of designs accessible like circles, honeycombs, and in like manner. Additionally, the mats that we’ve selected are exceptionally simple to wash, and most can be washed in the clothes washer. They are likewise water resistant the base well constructed so the felines don’t carry the mats wherever. Various tones and dimensions additionally available and dependent on your necessities, you ought to pick appropriately.

Picking a litter mat is a key piece of battling litter tracking all through your home. The market is overwhelmed with a wide range of mats and in all truth, there’s a great deal of cover among highlight and capacity. I’d express the key things to remember are: 

  • The size and state of the space you have to cover 
  • Your favored cleanup plan 
  • On the off chance that your felines have pee mishaps or not