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Best Wet Cat Food for Older Cats – The Complete Buying Guide

best wet cat food for older cats

Our pets are one more member of the family and must be fed with good quality products that provide them with a healthy and balanced diet. If a wide choice of wet cat food is available on the online market, you still need to be able to ensure that it will suit your cat, and especially that its composition will respect its health. 

For that reason, this buying guide is dedicated to the best wet cat food for older cats, the ideal choice to provide them with adequate nutrition and to prevent some common health problems, including obesity.

Wet food offers your cat an optimal source of protein, minerals, and hydration, favorably reducing carbohydrate intake levels. For all types of adult cats, they are characterized by 100% natural ingredients and optimal nutritional analysis. Remember that providing your cat with a nutritious food source will reward you with happy and healthy years in the company of your favorite pet. 

Top 5 Best Wet Cat Food for Older Cats Review

1.Fancy Feast

This product comes in an easy to open and close container. Once you open it you can store it in the refrigerator if you want. Its nature and rich flavor make it ideal for cats that have difficulty chewing. Hydrates and nourishes your cat at the same time.

It has a smooth, flaked-like texture, making it easy to swallow. It is a balanced, complete, and wet food for adult cats that have lost weight or need to maintain their weight. This box contains 24 cans, each containing 88 ml of mousse. Its formula is ideal for your cat 100% all the nutrients in one.

You can offer this pate at all stages of your cat’s life, since chewing this product is very easy. Also, rest assured that its seafood mix will make your feline happy every mealtime comes. Its taste and aroma has been approved by a large number of cats, so your kitty will not say no.


  • 100% Natural   
  • Quality seafood content.
  • Good taste and aroma
  • Rich in nutrients and no artificial preservatives present



  • Prone to contamination
  • It’s expensive when compared to other cat foods

Where to buy it:  Buy on Amazon

2. Ziwi Peak New Zealand Beef Recipe

This New Zealand brand convinces cat owners around the world with its grain-free recipes based on quality local meat and with ideal analytical contributions. They are suitable for all breeds, all ages, and, depending on the users, all health conditions.

Ziwi Peak uses local ingredients to formulate its recipes, which it then allows to air dry naturally in order to retain all the nutrients and flavors. You will not find flour or by-product in their food, which is also free of GMOs, antibiotics, etc. They also do not contain grains (soy, rice, or even corn).

This version with New Zealand beef is very rich in animal raw materials, which are also explained in the list of ingredients. We, therefore, find meat, lungs, kidneys, tripe, bovine liver, and bones. It is also enriched with New Zealand green mussels, a source of glucosamine and chondroitin ideal for joints and cartilage.

According to consumers, even sensitive, allergic, or even diabetic cats appreciate the mash. The composition also includes chickpeas, methionine (an amino acid), dried kelp, minerals, several vitamins, and, of course, taurine. Thus, there are optimal crude levels of 9% protein, 5.5% fat, 2% fiber, 78% moisture, and 4% ash.

In the end, Ziwi Peak is a trusted brand that develops healthy food for felines, which we also appreciate for its ethics.


  • Rich in flavor and nutrients
  • No by-products present in the food
  • Available for all health conditions


  • An influx of fakes in the market
  • Very expensive

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

3. Tiki Cat Luau Succulent Chicken Dinner

Under this flamboyant design hides a mash made from real pieces of meat suitable for all ages and all the health conditions of our felines. Free from any artificial additives, animal or cereal by-products, it comes in a wide range of flavors.

The advantage of this wet food when compared to other brands’ wet food is that it is suitable for cats of all ages, including kittens. Consumers add that tomcats with health problems also enjoy these tasty meals.

They are undoubtedly seduced by the pieces of meat present in their bowl. The Succulent Chicken Dinner is made up of pulled chicken pieces and chicken broth. The protein (18%) and moisture (78%) levels are very good. 

The pâtés are sold in sets of 12 cans of 80 g each. Note that the price may vary somewhat depending on the flavor chosen.


  • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • No artificial flavors present
  • Contains rich and succulent chicken/meat pieces
  • Lack of carbs


  • Its fat content is low
  • Digestion issues arise
  • Presence of sunflower oil 

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

4. Edgar & Cooper

Although it is placed as an alternative, it is an excellent option to really consider. The Belgian brand is distinguished by its food based on natural ingredients cooked at low temperatures, its wide choice of flavors, and its transparency as to the composition of its products. Even the most difficult cats are convinced by the food!

Edgar & Cooper offers a wide assortment of wet food for adult cats, but also formulates a version particularly suitable for kittens (all in all quite similar to adult versions, however), as well as a lower-calorie food intended for seniors or cats on a diet. Small carnivores love it, and their owners are also delighted with their light odor.

Beef & duck trays are suitable for feeding adults, sterilized or not. They contain 46% of beef, 14% of duck, minerals, 0.25% of cranberries, 0.13% of nettle and 0.13% of turmeric, the whole being rich in taurine, iron, and compound a minimum of 60% fresh meat slowly cooked in order to best retain all its nutritional properties.

This gives 9% crude protein and 82% moisture, which is quite decent. The crude fat content is 5.5%, the crude fiber 0.2%, and the ash 2%. Of course, flour, processed or dried products, and additives are banned from manufacturing. The food is also free from cereals.


  • Rich in minerals and other nutrients
  • It has a healthy calorie count 
  • It is grain-free
  • It is very affordable


  • It has an odor which might not be appreciated by some owners

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

5. Almo Nature

In its wider and diversified range, Almo Nature offers minimalist recipes made from 100% natural ingredients, including a minimum of 60 to 75% of high-quality fresh meat. Without additives, wheat, or gluten, they will convince all cats, however difficult they may be. 

This wet food is suitable for all cats, even the most sensitive, thanks to its high protein content and the absence of wheat and gluten. In fact, consumers report that the mash is very popular with their felines.

In terms of analytical composition, there are optimal levels of protein (18%) and moisture (77%). On the other hand, the level of crude fat caught our attention: it only amounts to 0.5%, which is far below the average and therefore quite surprising.

Foods are steamed in order to best preserve their nutritional qualities and are also suitable for consumption. Therefore, the pieces of meat are clearly visible, and the smell of the mash is not disturbing. The food is sold in 70 g boxes (here in packs of 24) but is also available in the form of fresh sachets.


  • Great nutritional factor
  • Wheat and gluten-free
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Low level of crude fat
  • Some consumers complain of its sell
  • Easily perishable

Where to buy it: Buy on Amazon

Buying Guide

Types of Wet Cat Food


It is a protein recipe finely chopped and compacted. It comes in cans and you can find it at any pet store.


This formula presents a cut of meat and vegetables crushed in broth or water and thickened with flour and starches.

Meat in Sauce

A high-calorie recipe, it includes a cut of meat accompanied by a thick sauce.

Meat in Broth

This presentation comes in envelopes and bags, the recipe consists of a cut of meat accompanied by a tasty broth. Some formulas include vegetables.


These types of foods are usually high in calories, sugars, and artificial preservatives, for these reasons these products are not popular with users.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Wet Cat Food For Older Cats

High-Quality Ingredients

The first thing you should look for in the product is one or more quality protein sources, there are several: Beef, chicken, turkey or fish, try and discover which is your pet’s favorite.


Opt for soy, wheat, and corn free food. These products are used to increase the amount of food in the package but do not offer your pet any nutritional value.


It is good to choose food in small packages, it is a good way to guarantee fresh food for your pets. 


Carefully reading product labels will keep you well informed so you can make a conscious decision about which food is most beneficial to your cat. 


Nutrients are natural substances derived from food, the number of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your pet gets will depend on the diet that you offer him.


There are natural and artificial preservatives. Keep your pet away from artificial substances such as BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate

Choose products with natural preservatives like vitamin E and salt.


After spending hours researching, analyzing, and comparing products in order to find those that offer the best value for money, we were able to come up with the aforementioned top 5 best-wet cat food for older cats.

A portion of good wet food for your cat will be essential for its well-being and health. Today, the feline food market has greatly evolved and professionals recommend mixing dry feed with wet food for optimal feeding. There are many different textures and flavors that will suit your cat.

A good way to keep your cat hydrated is to offer wet food. When choosing a product, look carefully at its label. After this guide we have created, we hope that you can fully understand the ingredients you see while shopping for wet cat food and be able to differentiate between the ingredients that are the most suitable, and what can be excluded.

So if you love these older cats, you will do well to buy for them the best-wet cat food for older cats.

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