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Excessive Cat Sneezing: When Should I Worry?

Cat Sneezing

We’ve all seen a cat sneeze at least once or twice and undeniably we are mostly delighted of their cuteness. They’re like an innocent baby when they “Pfftt” and if we are lucky, we’d find a small droplet somewhere around from its nose while it wrinkles to shake the itch off.


In our case, as hoomans, sneezing is not a rare sight. Most often than not, sneezing is considered normal. It’s our body’s way of blocking and rejecting bad elements from the air that can harm our immune system. It helps us avoid further sickness that may incur inside us. Logically and to put it simply, sneezing can also be a bringer of bad news. Medically speaking, it can be a manifestation of something bigger that’s possibly brewing in our system.

                          It feels so nice to sneeze!

If it can happen to us, It’s just the same for our feline family. Though they look cute and adorable while they sneeze, we should not neglect the fact that it could mean something else. With their tiny fragile bodies and the inability to speak hooman, they are more prone to serious health issues.

It’s a must to stay alert if our cat is excessively sneezing in the past few days. First, you need to relax and check our guidelines below. There’s no need to panic, it could also be just a normal sneezy day too!

Take a bath mom and I’ll stop sneezing …


  1. OCCASIONAL SNEEZING – If your cat is sneezing once or twice in a while, there’s no need to worry. We all live in the same space, breathe the same air, live with the same people and things so they’d just be at the same level as your body’s adaptation with the place.
  2. THEY ARE PLAYFUL – If your cat is too playful and they have furry toys around then it’s possible that it tickled their nasal spot. But it will not hurt to take extra precautions. If they sneeze frequently while they are playing with a specific toy then it’s obviously time to do the laundry. Clean it up and just to be super sure it is not causing them some kind of allergy, use organic cleaners or detergent.

DID YOU KNOW? Cat’s sneeze when they inhale their own fur? If a strand accidentally hits a farther spot inside their nose it triggers them to sneeze. Cats’ nose is very sensitive.

  1. YOU ARE COOKING – Just like us, cats’ nose gets itchy when they accidentally smell herbs and spices such as black pepper, paprika, cumin or anything you put inside your turkey. Cayenne, however, is on a totally different level. When inhaled by cats or even dogs, it makes their eyes water, making them look sick.
  2. IT’S WINTER – Cats can sneeze more than usual when it’s cold. Though this is usually normal, it’s best to prep them up by giving them clothes and thicker mats or beds to help them keep warm. If they are sneezing with nasal and eye discharge, it’s better to take them to the vet for a quick check-up.
Please just remove my nose…


  1. SNEEZING WITH BLOOD DISCHARGE – This could be one of the most heartbreaking situations to see your cats in. When this happens, it’s highly recommendable to take them to the vet immediately. Excessive sneezing with blood discharge may be a sign of an acute respiratory infection or a viral sickness depending on the weather, trailing (if your cat is partly an outdoor cat), and food intake. If given a more fortunate situation, the blood discharge after sneezing could just be an effect for scratching their nose sometime before it happened or could be from intense sneezing.

FYI – Common infectious diseases in cats are the following:

Bacterial infections such as Mycoplasma

Herpes virus

Chlamydia infections


  1. DENTAL DISEASE – It may not be easy to imagine but yes, dental issues can cause excessive sneezing.  An affected tooth can allow bacterias to attach itself in the nasal area particularly the sinus causing sneezing and inflammation.
  2. WEAKNESS – If your cat is showing signs of weakness, most especially a drop in appetite, please take your feline to the vet immediately. This is a possible sign of a nasal blockage, making it hard for the cats to smell their food. Cats don’t eat anything they can’t confirm edible through smell.
  3. EYE DISCHARGE – Just like blood discharge through the nose, any kind of yellowish and watery discharge from the eyes is a clear sign of sickness. It is not normal for cats. It can be a sign of an emerging respiratory disease or simply difficulties in breathing

If your cat is showing mixed symptoms and you are unsure of what is happening. Kindly take them to the vet or observe them for a day. You can also do these quick but effective remedies to help them feel better.

  1. Make sure they are hydrated
  2. Clean the areas where they usually stay to avoid triggers
  3. Do not give  your cat any medicines that are not prescribed by the doctor
  4. Warm their foods and change from adults to junior feline foods temporarily
  5. Make them feel loved and cared for

If you are nearing to a conclusion after reading our guideline, there’s one more thing that could put your mind at ease. If your cat is up to date on vaccinations, there’s a big possibility that your feline’s sneezing is just brought by the weather. Check for any possible irritants, remove it, observe and just let it go.

I hope we are able to help! Thank you for reading!