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Ever Wonder Why Your Cat Always Follow You Everywhere?

a cat staring at you

“Why does my cat follow me? –  You are not the only cat parent out there who asks the same question and believe us when we tell you this; even the ancient people from Egypt thought the same thing. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Cats are no longer viewed as Gods nowadays but try to imagine how bothered their servants could have been whenever their God cats follow them everywhere. Well, God or not, cats are cats, would you agree?

These small but overly cute creatures we call cats or kitty are known for being unique in so many ways we can figure out but the answer to this question still remains as one of the greatest mysteries on earth. It’s not that it causes us trouble but as cat parents, there are times when we get so frustrated because we want to understand them properly. We want to care for them and be able to give them everything we can.

We will not lie, in all honesty, we also want to keep them from saying the same things over and over for a long period of time. Peace and order inside our homes are also important and undeniably, their persistence can sometimes give us a headache.

FUN FACT: Although this could be very exhausting for us at times, admit it or not, it also makes us love them even more. Here are some cats that are experts in following their Hoomans. Which one do you own?

  1. The escort cat – If your cat just simply ‘meows’ and try to talk to you while they let you lead the way. Then they go back to sleeping after you go back to whatever you are doing.
  2. The creepy cat – If your cat follows you creepily and just lets you do your thing while they keep still and silent somewhere behind you.
  3. The toilet pooper cat – If your cat only follows you to the toilet and stares at you as if he or she is next in line.
  4. The insensitive cat – If your cat is following you at every step you make and makes sure you trip at some point.
  5. The daddy/mommy’s girl/boy – If your cat has a favorite and only follows Hooman dad or mom.

If you own multiple cats, you probably have all of them – what a crowd! 

Unfortunately, since cats are also different from one another, we were never able to decode their message. But hey, there are some rare cases when they give us hints, like tapping their food bowls. (lucky us they can eat whenever they are hungry).

No matter how much we try, it is a fact that we can never ever talk to them in cat language – it’s a cat thing! Even science can’t guarantee us a peaceful stay in the restroom yet, maybe in the future but that is not anytime soon.

Don’t lose hope, we can still answer this question by studying and observing their behavior. Read on and let us take a look at some of the top reasons why our cats follow us everywhere.

  1. They don’t feel good – Cats are like kids when they don’t feel well they go and tell their mom or dad about it. The only difference is that they don’t speak our language. If this is the case, try to examine their body by gently and slowly touching each part. It is possible that they have broken bones or they feel pain somewhere.  It is also recommendable to observe them and if you notice that they are acting weird or weak take them to the vet immediately.
  1. They feel lonely – Lonely cats are the clingiest of all. They would crave for your attention and they will make sure you know it. They will follow you anywhere you go to get some love and affection. Just go ahead and give them what they want, pet them for at least 5 minutes if this is all they need they will go away when they are done.

Just beware: too much love can bite you! What we mean by that is be careful. Cats bite their owners, even other cats when they get too excited during playtime.

  1. They are hungry – This is the easiest case to solve because this is where they give us hints! Who wants to starve anyway, right? When they are hungry they suddenly know how to sniff or tap their food bowl the right way. Sometimes they will even play their way with you so you’d understand that they want you to fill up their bowls. Cats get smarter when it’s time to eat.
  1. They are angry and uncomfortable – This is typical if you have multiple cats at home. But don’t get us wrong, they don’t follow you to tell on their siblings. They follow you because they want to share their annoyance and discomfort. To put it simply, they want you to feel the same way. If they feel like you are annoyed and irritated they will leave and feel relieved. Yes, it is weird (and cute) but it is their way of saying you belong and that you are part of their concept of family.
  1. They want to play – Take this one as a compliment. If a cat follows you around just to ask you to play it means that you are their favorite person around! Reciprocate it by spending time with them. It doesn’t matter if their toys are new or old, just grab one and wiggle it up to their face. They’d love it. Your presence is what matters most to them. If you want to confirm this, try to feel their body and you will feel that excited ‘purr’. If they are very happy, you can even hear it without even getting closer!
  1. They don’t feel safe – This could be the reason if your cat is still very young or is still a kitten. If they don’t see their cat mom anywhere near them, they will surely stay close to their hooman mom as their second option to feel safe and secured. This is normal and is easy to resolve.

It’s always best to keep a positive relationship with your cats. Make sure that they are not stressed out and in pain. If you are a beginner, start by accepting their love and reciprocate it by being always there for them.

I hope this helps you sleep tonight! 😉

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