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Why Is My Cat Not Eating and is Always Sleeping?

cat sleeping

Oh, right, it’s time….. To sleep again!

Cats are well known for being such sleepyheads. They are also an unexpressive type of animal. Unlike dogs who wags their tail out of joy (no dull moments, what’s sadness?) almost all of their life, cats have their hooman-like mood swings (which are also very cute by the way).

Cats know when they want to play, they move away from things or people who annoy them, taps away their bowl of food if they hate what you give them, they do whatever they want! Based on these scenarios, we can say that cats are pretty dominant creatures and though they are sleepy, THEY ARE NOT WEAK. They should be seen eating well, playing and often moving around your home. 

We are not here to criticize them. We are actually here to understand what’s still in their norm. If your cat is sleeping the whole day and killing on the dance floor every night then probably their heavy sleeping pattern is just normal. They want to make sure you are awake at night so, why not?

Where U go? I woke you up so U can feed me…

DID YOU KNOW? Most cats are nocturnal, It is brought by their dominating traits passed onto them by their ancestors way back long ago when they are still being hailed as Gods of the Earth. They roam around at night to protect their territory using the advantage of their night vision. So if your cat is waking you up for some nibbles while you are comfortably sleeping and dreaming about great things, they probably think you are their servant. Now, get up and serve your master, hooman!

Here’s a quick list of possible reasons why your cat is not eating and is always sleeping:

  1. ILLNESS – Just like hoomans, animals would prefer to lay down and sleep if they feel sick. It helps them feel a bit of comfort too. However, not eating when sick is a choice for cats. If they are sleeping all the time and not eating at the same time, please go ahead and visit a vet as soon as possible. They may be feeling pain inside their stomach, internal organs like their kidneys or their mouth. It’s not always serious but taking them to the experts is always the best choice if we are not sure what to do.
  2. VACCINATION – If you noticed a decrease of appetite with your feline baby after a recent vaccination then it’s definitely a primary suspect. Take your cat to the vet for solid confirmation. Though vaccines were invented as lifesavers, not all cats are made the same. One body may react abnormally to a shot while the other stays as normal. Side effects are not too uncommon for cats.
  3. TRAVELING – Cats are creatures of habit, just like us, hoomans. We adapt ourselves to wherever and whoever we are with. That is also the reason why some cats stay awake when their human parents are up although previously, they are used to being asleep on specific hours. A change in surroundings, smells and weather can trigger a different pattern within their lifestyle. Motion sickness while traveling is no excuse.
  4. MENTAL ISSUES – Thi is very common for cats who just moved in with a new owner. This can be confirmed if the doctor finds no physical or internal sickness. Depression and separation anxiety is one of the most difficult issues to handle with a cat because cats don’t trust easily. If this is the case, make sure to make them feel loved and that you are worthy of their trust.
Back off, hooman!

PRO TIP: If you feel that your new cat is not that accepting, try to communicate the way they do with humans. Look at them straight in the eye from a safe distance. Slowly open and close your eyes while they are looking at you. Do this for at least a minute or until they look away. If they somehow do the same within the day, then it means they accept you. It may not be the same love you are giving them, but they will eventually – BE PATIENT!

  1. REBELLING – Cats are like kids, they could be very picky at times especially with their food. IF you keep on feeding them the same food for weeks, this is probably the best reason why they sleep all day and don’t eat. It’s their way of rebelling from all your repetitive provisions. Try to change their food and make sure to pet them while they eat to make them feel your love. You can also stay there for a while to help them trust you as their alpha.
  2. WEAK APPETITE – This is a bit close to a cat that is sick. However, this is easier to resolve by providing more energizing foods and vitamins to your cat. Liver or canned tuna are good stimulants that can improve their appetite in no time. You can also work with your veterinary to determine what to do to help them spike up their appetite.
  3. SPEND TIME WITH THEM – It could also be that they just feel bored to the core and they miss you. It’s possible that they are just trying to get your attention. Extending some playtime can solve this problem.

If your cat is still in the same zone after doing all the advice listed, it’s best to take them to the vet. I hope this article helped you!

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