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How to Shampoo a Cat Properly and Survive!

wet cat

wet cat

Can’t even shampoo me properly, huh?

Cats are very smart creatures and they know exactly when it’s time to take a bath! They will resist it, definitely, but forcing them in the tub is not a good idea. You can end up wounded and most commonly frustrated (if not with a messy house). 

We highly recommend reading through this article to achieve a clean, fleas-free, cute cat and be able to live to tell the tale.

We all know how much they hate water and so is taking a bath. Don’t take it too personally hooman mom and dad, it’s not that they hate you. It’s because cats are naturally born sensitive to temperature. Even the warm heat of our coffee mug is more than enough to give them burns. We can say that everything that is relevant to temperature could feel about 30x stronger for them.

Me cold, mom…

QUICK TIP: How to tell if a cat is hot or cold? Here are the symptoms:

Your cat is cold when…

  1. IT SHIVERS – Cats shiver on the coldest days and normally, every after bath.  if you see your cat doing this out of nowhere it’s best to take them to the vet.
  1. HIDES – Always remember to check your beddings before free-falling to sleep, especially in winter. In days like these cats prefer to be near something that emits warm so it is not uncommon for them to be hiding behind curtains, under your bedclothes, cushions and even inside your laundry basket.
  1. DRY NOSE – Dry nose is a core symptom of fever. Unfortunately, turning up the heat can even make things worse. If you feel like your cat is sick or with a fever, the best option is to take them to the vet.

Your cat is overheated when…

  1. PANTING – This is normal for dogs but not for cats. Panting can be a sign of a progressing heatstroke. If this symptom persists for more than 3 hours, its best to take them to the vet.
  1. DROOLING – Or salivating is a clear sign of potential serious sickness in cats. Heat distress can lead to internal organ failure, stroke or worst, death in felines.
  2. LETHARGY – Cats are known for being cute sleepy heads. They sleep almost half of their life because they need it to gain energy and to sustain not jus their playtime but also their life. But, never confuse being sleepy to lethargy. If your cat is still young but shows signs of general weakness in the same level as old cats, the best conclusion is overheating. Take your cat to the vet immediately if this is the case.

Despite all of these, there’s no escaping bath time. Cats actually need to stay clean not just for hygienic purposes but also for their health. No matter how hard it, we can’t just give it up and let them stink away their life. Dirty cats are more prone to developing rabies, getting parasites and multiple sicknesses some they may not surpass.

So, what should we do?

Believe it or not, there are some cats out there that enjoy bath time. The secret? – correct way of shampooing them. Yes, you’ve read that right, there’s a huge possibility to actually turn war into something fun and SAFE.

You just need to know how to shampoo your cat correctly. Here are some tips:

  1. READY YOUR WEAPONS – Be ready. Never start wetting your cat without preparing everything you need. Unless you want to run after a terrified and angry cat around your home. Preparing what you need first can also save you time and energy.
  2. WEAR GLOVES – Pick a fabric glove with a soft but fuzzy texture. It will help you clean your cat’s fur a lot faster. Using your hands can also irritate them as their body’s sensitivity to heat increases when wet.
  3. BE GENTLE – When bathing a cat, always keep in mind that you should be fast but gentle. Especially if you are washing an area near the face. Put yourself into their ‘paws’, we get shampoo in our eyes and it definitely freaks us out too.
  4. CAT SHAMPOO – A mild all-rounder formulated for cats is the best choice. It will not contain any harmful chemicals that will put your cats in danger or pain. Plus, it will help keep their skin and fur healthy and vibrant.
  5. USE A DISTRACTION – It always pays to be creative. Cats are like kids after all. You can play with them while they are taking a bath. You can also give them treats whenever they behave. Chat with them as well in a low and sweet voice to reassure them that you will not gonna hurt them.
  6. WARM COMBO – This is simple to understand but is very crucial during bath time. Make sure that the water is warm and tolerable for them. Next is the towel, make sure it is clean and dry. Finish the drama by letting your cat stay inside a warm room. Don’t let them go outside unless dry or else dirt will just stick on them.

Cats are undeniably a source of happiness and miraculously, we can tolerate them until they are filthy and stinky! Make sure to wash them properly without turning your home into a war zone. In this case, we hope that this article helped you today. No more bloodshed during bath time, okay?

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