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How to get an Aggressive Cat into a Carrier

Aggressive Cat

There are tons of cat carriers out there but only a few will get a ‘paw approval’ from your cat.

After reading our introduction, you may be asking why we are pointing out to your cat’s approval instead of highlighting your needs as an owner? It’s because we, HOOMANS actually have no say at all. If they don’t like your gift, THEY DON’T LIKE IT! Forcing a carrier they’re not comfortable staying in will just be a total waste of money. Tenured pet parents who had experienced buying expensive toys, carriers and accessories will definitely understand the feeling of rejection. If you ever wondered who’s the real master of the house, yeah, we feel you. 

Kidding aside, as pet parents, we should consider our cat’s comfort before anything else. Though there are a lot of triggers for our cats to hate our newly bought carrier, it all comes down to what they need and prefer. With this being said, we can almost assume that there’s no perfect guideline we can follow. Cats are just very unique beings incomparable even from their own kind. Quality is a priority but not as important as their preferences.

Quick Tip: If the store owner allows, you can actually take your cat with you and let them examine the carriers. It will also help them get accustomed to the sight and smell of these things. If you know your cat very well, it will be easier for you to figure out which is which to pick! 

Let us raise some cases as examples. We are sure you’d be able to relate to these two cats. Sherlock is a Siamese cat and he prefers a carrier that is bigger and dark in color. 

Cat into a Cat Carrier

Knowing him, he’s a very shy and solemn cat. On the other hand, Cathy, a very clingy and lively American Shorthair prefers colorful carriers that look like this.

Obviously, she enjoys the view from the carrier’s semi-window. She’s a playful type of cat. Things like these happen and if you own multiple cats, it’s also understandable to buy different kinds of carriers.

We know that all of these can be very very stressful at times but worry not, these can easily be resolved by educating ourselves more about the different kinds of carriers that could fit our cat’s preferences. There are some great finds online for beginners and for tenured cat parents, all you need to do is find, find, find!

NOTE: Keep on reading if you want awesome tips to get an aggressive cat into a carrier without declaring war!

Here’s a quick list for reference: (note to editor: just insert pictures here of any variations you want to be included, thanks!)

Getting the best cat carrier is one thing but owning an aggressive cat is a different story. Most of the time they can be very violent and undeniably, those times are when we are trying to get them into their carrier so we can take them to the vet.

Here are some effective tips to help you get them into a carrier.

  1. Be Playful – No matter how fierce they are, always know that they are cats and cats love to play. Add a trail of treats that will lead them inside their carrier and just zip them right in when they reach the last bite. Just make sure to chat with them while they are traveling to avoid them feeling betrayed. Choose one of the carriers we’ve recommended and we can assure you that they can travel with no worries.
  1. Carry Your Cat The Right Way – When you carry your cat, make sure that they face you. Trust is a very crucial factor and letting them see your face lets them examine and feel the situation. Try to understand how they feel, being placed inside a dark carrier will definitely freak them out.
  1. Let Them Mark it – Play with them and use the carrier as a prop. Let them leave their scent so they’d know that they own it. Cats will never get scared of the things with their scent on because it’s their way of marking the things and places they own. It is the very same reason why they cling to you whenever they see other cats nearby. Cats are territorial.
  1. Never Involve Their Carrier in Punishments – Do you keep your cats inside their carrier for long hours to punish them? It’s a big NO-NO! Cats are like kids they sometimes can’t get enough of you. There will be times they’d feel too playful and cause a ruckus at home. Whenever these events happen, punishing them is completely normal and understandable (not the kind of punishment that involves pain, though). However, though this is very normal, it is not advisable to use or involve their carrier for punishments. They will just see it as an object to fear and hate and they will run from it as far as they can.

PRO TIP: Sitting in front of your cat without petting them can actually give them a heads up about how you feel, that you are upset with them. If you are the punctual type, delaying their playtime or treats a bit can also give them a hint. This is way healthier than keeping them inside a carrier or cage.

  1. Add Toys – Even cats get bored waiting! Do you see teenagers hanging on tightly with their phones while waiting for something? It’s the same thing with cats especially kittens, the only difference is that with these fur babies, it looks cute and less annoying *wink*.

Adding toys can help change their mood too. Plus, playing tires them so they’d have less energy to resist their vets when it’s time for them to be checked. If you are also the type of parent that gets easily irritated or tired by their continuous request for attention this tactic is perfect for you.

We know some great toys your cats will surely enjoy, comment down below if you want us to give you some references. If we will receive more than a hundred likes for this blog too, we will post a youtube video about cats! Let us know!  😉

Having a cat as a family member is a gift and a very unique experience. Be patient and know that pet parents are always blessed! Have a great day hope this helped!