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8 Best Cat Carrier For Nervous Cats – The Best Guide!

best cat carrier for nervous cats

When you plan to purchase the best cat carrier for nervous cats, you need to look at multiple factors before deciding on the final product. Some of these factors include affordability, durability, comfort, and safety. It should be noted that purchasing the right cat carrier for your requirements will always be a valuable investment because you’d expect an excellent carrier to provide your feline with an added layer of security while traveling besides also making your cat less anxious.

In case you’re thinking of transporting your furry friend without a carrier, then it can easily prove to be a dangerous task because a nervous cat can climb anywhere around your surroundings and even start scratching or biting. Since cats love to stay within cozy, comfortable, and enclosed spaces, we’ll be going through products that will provide your cat with all of the above benefits.

How To Choose The Best Cat Carrier For Nervous Cats?

The Size

You need to choose a carrier that has enough space on the inside for your cat to sit, stand, and even turn around very quickly. As a rule of thumb, your carrier should be at least one and a half times larger than the size of your cat. If the carrier turns out too big, then it can lead to balancing issues, and your cat might slide from one half to another. Always opt for regular-sized carriers and cover the interior with a soft cloth or towel to avoid any slide. 

The Style

Cat carriers are usually found in three to four major styles, namely – cardboard ones, hard-plastic ones, soft ones, and rolling suitcase-style ones. Out of these options, the cardboard and soft carriers are meant for temporary or shorter travel distances. In contrast, the hard-plastic and suitcase-style carriers are expected for longer-travel distances. Therefore, choose the type of carrier that fits the lifestyle of you and your cat. 

The Features

There will be carriers that will come with dual doors while others will come with one but added plastic locks. Look for features that will benefit your cat the most such as velcro straps or zippers, which are great for quick and easy entry & exit for your cat. Ensure you opt for the basic features such as good build quality, comfortable enclosure, and the like – after which you can move to added benefits for your carrier. Furthermore, it should be well-ventilated and user-friendly to use.

8 Best Cat Carriers For Nervous Cats

1. Petmate Cat Carrier

In case you’re looking for a carrier which provides the most amount of security for your cat while travelling, then this product seems like a no-brainer to purchase.


●     The material that has been used is durable.

●     It’s well ventilated and provides improved safety.

●     It’s quite spacious and has a latch-on door for easy closing/opening.


●     The assembling operation is difficult.


The carrier comes in a hardshell case that is not only more convenient when carrying your cat but also very sturdy as well. The carrier has been built using heavy-duty plastic & steel. It has enough space for the cat to sit up inside and is ideal for cats measuring up to 15 inches in length and 7 inches in height.

2. Sherpa Cat Carrier

If you’re planning to purchase one of the best portable cat carriers in the market, then you can go no wrong with this option from the house of Sherpa.


●     The carrier is very well-ventilated, and the build quality is top-notch.

●     It comes with zippers and is best to be used for airline travel.

●     The carrier is easily washable.


●     Should not be used for cats weighing above 22 pounds.


Besides being highly portable, the carrier is comfortably built for your cat with all the safety features you require. It can house cats weighing between 8 pounds and 22 pounds. The carrier comes with a compression mechanism that allows it to be easily fitted under your seat when travelling via air.

3. Necoichi Cat Carrier

In case you’re on a strict budget to buy a carrier for your beloved feline, then going ahead with this one might be your best bet.


●     It has a lightweight design.

●     The carrier is flexible and has a sturdy design.

●     It’s highly ventilated and can be easily folded anywhere.


●     Cannot be used for more extended travel sessions and cats weighing over 18 pounds.


Aside from being highly affordable, the carrier is also extremely lightweight that allows you to carry and store it anywhere you like. The carrier is best for short distances and is perfect if you’re looking to reduce the overall size of your luggage. It also features ample space inside for your cat.

4. Amazon Basics Cat Carrier

When it comes to selling high-quality yet affordable products, AmazonBasics has been at the helm for quite some years now, and it’s no surprise that the same can be felt here too.


●     It’s highly sturdy and extremely durable.

●     The carrier is well ventilated and has extra space to add to the main compartment.

●     It comes with secure & adjustable shoulder straps.


●     Not so great for large-sized felines.


The carrier is extremely comfortable and spacious for your cat – coming with an adjustable shoulder strap to carry around it anywhere you like. It comes with zippers to keep your furry friend safe and happy. It’s suitable for cats weighing up to 16 pounds.

5. Pet Magasin Cat Carrier

There are a lot of soft carriers being sold on the market, but if you want something that’s worth your hard-earned money, then this should be high on your shopping list.


●     It’s built from top-notch materials and has a waterproof design.

●     The carrier has a compact design and has enough ventilation.

●     It’s also quite easy to carry around.


●     Cannot accommodate large-sized cats


Besides being extremely comfortable for your feline, it comes with a durable construction that will last you for quite some time and has zippers for extra security. The carrier can be folded easily and stored whenever you want. Furthermore, it’s well-padded and ventilated.

6. Pet Ami Cat Carrier

This carrier is a fantastic choice for cat owners who like to enjoy durability from their products and security for their cats. The carrier has been designed from the ground up for convenience & safety.


●     Comes with an identification tag and can be used inside airlines.

●     It offers a complimentary water bowl and has been built with durability & safety in mind.

●     It will provide great comfort to your furry friend.


●     It is only recommended for smaller and medium-sized cats.


Aside from its highly equipped security features, the carrier comes with straps and safety buckles to keep your cat from escaping the carrier quickly. Moreover, it comes with an identification tag for your cat and also a water bowl to keep your feline hydrated during long travel sessions.

7. Mr Peanuts Cat Carrier

One of the best things about this product is that it has been built using eco-friendly materials and is safe to use inside airlines.


●     The product is eco-friendly, and also carrier approved.

●     It has been built using durable and study materials.

●     It comes with a lost & found name holder along with a seat belt attachment.


●     It doesn’t have enough space for the cat to sit up inside.


Apart from being an eco-friendly product, it comes with zippers for safety and has been built using top quality nylon materials. There are included pockets to store your pet’s essentials and can hold cats up to 15 lbs in weight. Furthermore, the product can last for several years to come.

8. Pet Luv Cat Carrier

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This is the only cat carrier in the market right now that has been built with cat anxiety in mind and therefore is only aimed at anxious cats.


●     It’s built to reduce cat anxiety and has mesh ventilation for better internal airflow.

●     The mesh is built from rubber to reduce wear & tear and has zippers for safety.

●     It can even fit the largest cat sizes.


●     It’s not airline approved.


This is one of the most versatile cat carriers in the market with four-panel access from all sides of the carrier. It comes with a pillow bed inside for your cat to rest and be comfortable, while the sides are adequately ventilated for proper airflow. The carrier has a steel frame and comes with zippers for safety.


Ultimately, what matters the most is the overall comfortability of your cat, which is why you need to ensure that the product you’re purchasing aligns itself with the personality of your cat. You don’t want a cat carrier that your furry friend doesn’t want to use. You have to make sure that your investment is worth for your feline, which is why we have done in-depth research to recommend these products.

With that being said, enjoy your travel anywhere you go with your new cat carrier.