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6 Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control Review & Buying Guide!

best cat litter box for odor control

We all know how difficult it is to raise a feline. Yes, it is an enjoyable journey, but at the same time causes big headaches. One to mention is dealing with their odor and mess. But, luckily, these days, we have the best cat litter boxes for odor control. 

They not only help in maintaining the hygiene of your pet, but also keep your house free of stinky odor. However, with so many options in the market, deciding on the right cat litter box for odor control can be daunting.

But, don’t you worry, as here in this post, we enlist six top-selling cat litter boxes in terms of features, the convenience of use, and pricing. In addition, we’ll discuss what things you must mull over when searching for a cat litter box. So, without wasting time, let’s get on:

6 Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control Reviews

So, considering buying a litter box to terminate yourself from the duty of scoping your cat mess and the unbearable odor? Then, check our recommendation of six best-selling cat litter boxes for odor control:

1. Favourite 25-Inch Cat Litter Box

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An enclosed litter box is a must-have for picky cats and their owners who care about the style of everything that gets into the place. Made out of the finest plastic technology, this litter box for odor control is light in weight and highly durable. This litter box can fight the worst and the fast-spread odor of your feline friend. It has a black hood that deters the bad odor from spreading in the open air, avoiding causing trouble to the occupants of the house.

With 25 inches in size, your cat will be able to do her stuff without having the feeling of being cramped. The large ensure that it can be used by multiple cats, in case you have. Additionally, it is a pocket-friendly pocket, which helped it to be in our list of top six cat litter boxes.

The large gate opening makes this cat litter an apt choice for those having really big cats.

So, in a nutshell, if you want to give your pet the privacy to do their business without annoying the house, then this litter box for odor control is a smart pick.


  • Large flip top
  • The interior is spacious
  • Stylish design
  • The hood keeps the litter inside the pan.


  • Does not include a non-stick coating

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2. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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If you are searching for a self-cleaning litter box for odor control, then Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box stands way ahead in the race. It cleans the mess, without needing the pet owner to scoop up, therefore, ensure complete peace of mind. This large self-cleaning litter box is perfectly suited for those with large or multiple kitties. The interior is so spacious that even two cats can fit it at once with proper breathing space.

The top and halve halves are attached with the use of premium-quality plastic that ensures that the mess doesn’t leak out from the sides; however, the halves are breezy-easy to separate with minimal difficulty.


  • Easy to clean the litter box
  • Large enough to accommodate more than one cat
  • Self-cleaning process
  • This litter box is hooded.


  • Dust particles get trapped inside the unit.

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3. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

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This is definitely amongst the best cat litter boxes for odor control as it is spacious enough and comfortable for felines of diverse types and sizes. The hood provides great privacy that your cat requires to do her business with confidence. The hood lifts up quickly and makes it effortlessly easy for pet owners to deal with the mess.

This best litter box also comes with a carbon-trapped filter that gets rid of the foul smell in the first place and prevents the odor from spreading into the different rooms of the house. However, the carbon filter has to be replaced from time to time.

Now, coming to the price, this litter box for odor, it tops the league of budget-friendly products.


  • Can fit multiple cats at a time
  • The opening of the door is large enough to let your cat in with ease
  • Built-in carbon filter to deal with an unpleasant odor
  • Easy to clean, thanks to bag anchor


  • If the cat urinates after a long time, the chances are the fluid sometimes gets leaked from the middle halve.

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4. Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

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If you don’t want your pet’s litter box to get into the way of your house’s magnificent interiors, then get this hidden litter box. This litter box is designed in the shape of a pot and has a plant on top; it seems like nothing but a decorative piece in the hallway. However, when designing this litter box, space is not compromised, your pet will feel comfortable and relaxed to carry out her necessary act.

The plant and moss are the top and the bottom halves; there is no plastic in between. 20″ wide, this litter box is spacious enough to accommodate a huge cat or multiple cats. Made out of the premium quality polypropylene, this litter box is highly durable.

This litter box comes with special-purpose filters that eradicate the bad odor as soon as your feline steps out of the box. It is designed to stop your pet from affecting the aesthetic appeal of your house, and on top of that, has a one year warranty.


  • Spacious interiors
  • Gives your cat some privacy
  • Advanced filtration system to keep bad odor at bay


  • The plant sometimes appear fake

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5. IRIS Cat Litter Box with Scoop

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In your quest for a functional litter box for odor control on a tight budget, the IRIS cat litter box with scoop could be a prefered choice. With a large door opening and spacious enough, your pet will feel comfortable using this litter box.

The pan’s height is quite high to deter your pet mess, finding its way out onto the flooring. Now, when it comes to cleaning this litter, it is not a hassle, all you require is a matching scoop to sift through the mess, and there is a scoop hanger in this litter box.


  • Easy to clean polished interiors
  • Durable plastic body
  • Budget-friendly


  • It doesn’t manage odor as very well.

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6. Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan

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This litter box has a removable top that allows efficient cleaning. The large and deep pan ensures cats of all sizes can get-in and be comfortable doing their mess stuff. It is made of top-quality lightweight and durable material.

The fabricating material of this litter box is not sticky and anti-bacterial, providing quick and effective cleaning.

This best litter box for odor control is available in a selection of color choices; you can pick any that seamlessly blends with your interiors.


  • Spacious interior
  • Transparent body allowing you to see when you need to clean the mess
  • Available in many bright colors


  • Door opening might be high for older cats.

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Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control Buying Guide and Tips

Felines are particular with regards to numerous things—their litter box is no exemption. With huge amounts of elements to consider like the size, material, and various sorts, this can make finding the best litter box for your cat feel like an errand! To help you out, we’ve curated a convenient guide so you can select a litter box your cat will love and offer you peace of mind.


Comfort is key while getting your feline acquainted with their litter box. They need enough space to step inside, pivot, scratch, and squat without finding the sides. The best litter box for cats or littler cats will require lower sides, around 2-3 inches. A container that is 24 inches in length or wide, with 4-inch dividers, is a decent choice for fully-developed cats.

Various Types of Litter Boxes

Open litter container

Cats are regional, which is the reason some pet guardians follow the one litter box for each feline principle. In any case, consider the possibility that your home doesn’t have space for more than one box. Or on the other hand, imagine a scenario where your felines can’t make sense of when the case is accessible. This is the place where open litter dishes make all the difference!

Litter boxes occupy less room and are anything but difficult to clean. The open structure permits felines to see one another so they can decide when it’s protected to deal with their business. In any case, before settling on your choice, realize that scents might be progressively recognizable as a result of the open top. Inquisitive mutts or youngsters are different territories of worry since there’s no boundary to keep them out.

Secured boxes

Secured litter boxes work superbly monitoring litter and undesirable smells. You may see that you have additional cleaning to do and that is because spreads or hoods concentrate smells inside. To get around this, search for a secured litter box that has worked in ventilation.

Besides being the best litter box for smell control, secured boxes provide more protection. To check whether this is an element your cat likes, let them test it out, and ensure they can get comfortable. Most felines will appreciate the isolation that a secured box gives.

Self-cleaning boxes

If accommodation is a need, self-cleaning and automated litter boxes are a beneficial investment. These propelled alternatives work by filtering waste from the litter and putting it away in a dispensable plastic pack or compartment. Some automated litter boxes accompany expendable plates, so you don’t need to stress over scooping litter or seeing your feline’s waste.


Hope you decide on the best litter box for your cat taking into consideration all the above information we shared through this post. Would you like to add to the list of our best litter boxes for odor control or want to share your personal experience using any of the above-listed litter boxes, connect with us in the comment section of this blog post!