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8 Best Cat Brush For Short Hair – An Amazing Buying Guide!

best cat brush for short hair

When it comes to purchasing cat brushes, you can find two variants available in the current market – one being for short-haired cats and the other for long-haired ones. It’s quite a common motive to not mix up the variants and purchase only the one that is suited for your cat’s fur. Using a brush will significantly help you in not only making your ‘cat-hair’ cleaning process faster but also keeping your feline happy & healthy. Here is the best cat brush for short hair.

Even though cats tend to be natural groomers, that doesn’t mean that you should be breaking away from your responsibilities of taking care of your furry friend. You cannot prevent your cat from shedding its hair but what you can do is to select the right brush for its needs – which is why we’ll be suggesting eight of the best brushes for short-haired cats.

Tips & Tricks On How To Use A Cat Brush

●     Always Groom Your When It’s In A Relaxed Mood – It’s recommended to brush your cat when it’s just taking a nap or just lounging on the sofa or bed. Trying to brush your cat when he or she is playing or roaming around would be a bad idea. In case your cat is already grooming itself, then joining in on the session would be an excellent move. 

●     Always Brush In The Fur’s Direction – When brushing your cat’s hair, it’s suggested that the brush should be moved in the direction of the fur. Moving the cat brush in a direction that is opposite to the cat’s fur will rip-off the hair and even bruise the cat’s skin.

●     Always Perform The Task In A Gentle Manner – Brushing your cat is a task that shouldn’t be made in haste because you need to ensure that all the tangled up hair doesn’t get damaged in the process. Furthermore, doing the task gently will help your cat to enjoy the light massage on its skin & muscles. Also, before you start your brushing session, ensure that you first check your cat’s skin for any abnormalities or wounds – thereby avoiding those affected areas.  

●     Always Provide Your Cat With A Treat After The Grooming Process – Giving your cat a treat after the grooming process will help in exuding confidence in your feline and thereby achieve a positive atmosphere. This is important because the next time your cat would be happy to partake in the grooming session from you.

8 Best Cat Brush For Short Hair

1. Pet Thunder Brushing Glove

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If you want the easiest and simple tool to groom your cat, then there’s no better way to do the same than using this brushing gloves from Pet Thunder.


●     It’s quite easy and practical to use.

●     It can work on different cat coat types and is best for short-haired cats.

●     Comes with an adjustable fastener that can accommodate any hand size.


●     The gloves are not recommended for smaller hand sizes.


Apart from being one of the most accessible tools to groom your cat, it also comes with the ability to trap all the shredded hair so that the hair strands don’t go flying across the room. In addition to that, the glove can work on any type of cat fur besides being a perfect size for all hand types.

2. Kong Cat Brush

In case you’re looking for a portable cat hairbrush that will not only work flawlessly on your feline but also will remove all loose hair with ease, this would be a perfect fit for your usage.


●     The product is quite intuitive to use.

●     It’s built quite sturdily, and the product feels premium in the hands.

●     It helps in removing loose or shredded hair quickly.


●     The plastic manufacturing process can make the brush stink a little bit.


Besides being a piece of accessible equipment to use, the product will ensure that any stand of loose cat hair is taken care of and doesn’t loiter around your home. Moreover, with the help of the cat brush, you can easily make sure that your cat will have absolutely zero tangled hairs. Additionally, the device is destined to last for a long time.

3. DakPets Cat Brush

With the help of this cat brush, you can be assured that your cat’s hair shedding will be reduced by almost 95 percent – which makes it one of the highly effective products in the market.


●     It’s an excellent product in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

●     Can help you groom your cat within ten minutes at most.

●     The blade is four inches long and is made from stainless steel.


●     Sometimes the blade can prove to be sharp to your cat’s skin which is why it should be used carefully.


When it comes to efficiency, the brush can help you groom your cat in just ten minutes. The build quality of the blade is stunning since it’s made from stainless steel and it even comes with a safety cover. Moreover, the equipment is durable enough to last a lifetime.

4. Hertzko Cat Brush

If you’re looking to buy a cat brush that will not only do the basics but will also help in removing dirt and dust from your cat’s fur coat, then you wouldn’t find a better tool than this product.


●     It can remove loose and tangled hair easily.

●     The device can work on multiple cat hair types.

●     The equipment is easy to clean and has an anti-slip handle.


●     Tends to break easily within a couple of months of usage.


One of the best features that this tool possesses is the ability to deal with tangled hair very quickly and straightening them out. Additionally, the design of the brush is straightforward to clean by just actioning upon the retractable button, and all the collected hair strands will be removed. It also comes with an anti-slip handle.

5. Furminator Cat Brush

No wonder this device is prevalent in the market, and it’s all because of its ability to groom your cat efficiently and effectively. The blades of the device are toothed, which removes hair from all angles.


●     The equipment is built well and comfortable to use.

●     It helps reduce dandruff and hair shedding by almost 90 percent.

●     It keeps your cat’s skin soft and supple.


●     Users need to be careful when using since it’s easy to overdo the grooming process.


In addition to its effectiveness, the device comes with stainless steel blades that not only have a longer life but also remove loose hair almost by 90 percent. It can lower the amount of hair shedding for your cat and has a special button to remove all the collected hair strands.

6. Bark Outfitters Cat Brush

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What sets apart this product from the other ones listed here is the overall provided manufacturer guarantee that lasts for five years – which is true quite some time for a cat brush.


●     It comes with a self-cleaning feature that makes hair removal a breeze.

●     It comes with five years of manufacturer guarantee.

●     The device is ideal to be used for all cat hair types.


●     It has a tendency to malfunction easily.


Aside from the manufacturer guarantee, the device comes with a grooming mechanism where the pins are all arranged in equal lengths and spacing – making it ideal to be used for all hair types. The self-cleaning feature makes removing hair from the device an easy task due to its retractable teeth.

7. Safari Cat Brush

In case you’re on the lookout for a brush that can not only be used to groom your cat but can also keep all kinds of parasites at bay, then this equipment might be your perfect choice.


●     It can work with all cat hair lengths – be it short or long.

●     Can remove parasites from your cat’s body such as fleas along with dirt & dandruff.

●     Keeps your feline’s fur coat clean and shiny.


●     Grooming takes more time when using this brush.


Apart from having the ability to deal with dirt, dandruff, and fleas, it can also help you reach tricky areas such as your cat’s toes and belly. Even though the process is slower than other products, the results are indeed brilliant and will keep your furry friend’s skin healthy.

8. GoPets Cat Brush

This cat brush comes with two separate sides for grooming – one being the closely spaced teeth and the other being a widely spaced one. Closed space one is for shorter hair while the wide one is for tangled, long hair.


●     The equipment is highly sturdy and durable.

●     It will help your cat to prevent shedding and thereby keep it healthy.

●     The tool can remove dust, dirt, and dandruff from your cat’s furry coat.


●     The device’s handle can break easily.


Apart from having multipurpose blades, the device is highly effective in removing every bit of dust & dirt from your feline’s skin. It can easily cut through tangled hair and can work with multiple hair types. The device needs to be operated slowly to get the best results.


After going through all of the above products mentioned in this article, it has become apparent that having the right cat brush is highly crucial for your cat’s well-being. Aside from keeping your cat groomed regularly, a cat brush will keep your feline looking at its absolute best.

It’s a small investment to make, but the returns that you’ll be enjoying will far outweigh the cons. Needless to say, you’ll not regret your decision.