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8 Best Cat Toothpaste For Gingivitis: Ultimate Guide

best cat toothpaste for gingivitis


There’s no denying that a good cat toothpaste will have all the essential ingredients it needs to keep your cat’s teeth as well as the gums, healthy and robust. But, finding the right toothpaste can be a significant hustle because there are products from multiple brands that are available in the market. With such oversaturation when it comes to pet products, you’ll need a detailed guide that’ll save you from overspending on your cat’s toothpaste. Here are the best cat toothpaste for gingivitis.

To aid you in picking the right product, we have aggregated eight toothpaste products from different brands – checking out each ingredient as well as the complimentary customer reviews about the same. Moreover, with the help of our recommendations, we can ensure that you don’t need to spend extra time researching cat toothpaste anymore.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Toothpaste For A Cat

It should be noted that a good cat toothpaste should be able to fulfill the following requirements:

●        The toothpaste should be able to improve the oral hygiene of your cat.

●        The toothpaste should be able to avoid any future related cases of problems relating to your cat’s oral health.

●        Lastly, the toothpaste should be perfectly safe for your cat’s health.

Most of the cat toothpaste that you find yourself in the market can fulfill the first two requirements, but fail on the third one. There have been many instances when the toothpaste is great at removing and controlling plaque formation – but fails when it comes to having healthy ingredients to keep the cat safe.

As a rule of thumb, avoid cat toothpaste that has too much chemical ingredients in them and choose only the ones that have the essential elements required to get the job done.

8 Best Cat Toothpaste For Gingivitis

1. Virbac Cat Toothpaste

In case you’re in the market to pick up a cat toothpaste that’s not only efficient in removing plaque build-up but also helps in whitening your cat’s teeth, then this enzymatic toothpaste from Virbac will do the trick.


●        Excellent at cleaning teeth & gums.

●        Provides an antibacterial reaction.

●        Avoids the formation of plaque at a later date of the cat’s age.

●        Has the ability to remove any plaque formation.


●        Can prove to be expensive for some users.


It should be noted that the toothpaste is perfectly safe for cats to swallow it, as it has healthy ingredients. It’s quite impactful in removing mouth odours besides keeping the gums & teeth healthy. Additionally, it contains CET dual enzymes and has no foaming agents present in it.

2. Oxyfresh Cat Toothpaste

If your cat doesn’t like to brush his or her teeth, but you still want your feline to have good teeth as well as gums, then the Oxyfresh cat toothpaste should be the perfect product for your specific requirements.


●        The toothpaste requires very minimal brushing.

●        Perfect for cats having lousy mouth odour.

●        The toothpaste is almost flavourless and has antibacterial qualities.


●        It’s a bit more expensive than other similar products in the price range.

●        Has pretty moderate qualities when it comes to abrasiveness.


The toothpaste can soften up your cat’s gums, remove any build-up of tartar and eliminates any presence of lousy mouth odour – without you needing to brush your cat’s teeth. The toothpaste should be applied directly to your cat’s gum via your fingers or a toothbrush. It has natural ingredients, and no artificial sugars added.

3. Bluestem Cat Toothpaste

This is one of the best oral care packages you could find for your cat since it comes with not only the toothpaste but also the toothbrush as well. It has Coactive+ technology to reduce any tartar and plaque build-up.


●        The toothpaste is safe to swallow.

●        The package comes with an added toothbrush.

●        Has the capability to fight against a build-up of tartar and plaque.


●        The taste of the toothpaste might deter some cats from using it.


One of the significant benefits of using such toothpaste is that it comes with ingredients that are food-grade and are safe to be consumed by cats. The toothpaste is chicken flavoured, which will be an instant hit for your feline, as cats love eating chicken.

4. Paws & Pals Cat Toothpaste

The Paws & Pals cat toothpaste package comes with a dual-head & a finger toothbrush and has the ability to not only remove plaque but also freshen up your cat’s mouth odour. Moreover, with the finger toothbrush, hard to reach places would be easy to clean up as well.


●        The toothpaste helps in promoting gum health.

●        It freshens up the mouth odour of your cat and thereby prevents a build-up of plaque & tartar.

●        It comes with two kinds of toothbrushes.


●        It has some added chemical ingredients which can prove to be harmful to your cat.


The toothpaste ingredients incorporate various types of enzymes that help in preventing tooth decay and gum diseases. This product is highly suggested for cats that have sensitive teeth as it doesn’t have too many abrasive ingredients in it. Moreover, the toothpaste is beef flavoured.

5. Pet King Brands Cat Toothpaste

In case your cat has sensitive teeth and gums and thereby wants something soothing and gentle to clean his/her mouth tissues, then this toothpaste from Pet King Brands will be the perfect purchase.


●        The toothpaste is flavourless to be used by cats.

●        It’s easy to use and requires no brushing.

●        Most veterinary doctors strongly prefer this toothpaste.


●        It’s quite expensive and not the best option for treating plaque.


The formula of the toothpaste comes with the inclusion of a maximum amount of healthy enzymes for the prevention of plaque and removal of tartar build-up. It reduces gum redness and inflammation for your cat and is perfect for cats having thick saliva or dry mouth – since you don’t require a toothbrush. Also, it has no alcohol or foaming agents.

6. Vetoquinol Cat Toothpaste

If you’re in the market to purchase a toothpaste that will not only help you clean your cat’s teeth and gums but also prevent plaque formation along with fresh mouth odour and soothing gums, then the Vetoquinol cat toothpaste should be an instant purchase.


●        Removes plaque & tartar and cleans teeth & gums.

●        It helps in freshening up the mouth odour of your cat and thereby enjoy healthier gums.

●        It has safe ingredients to be swallowed.


●        Some cats may not like the taste.


The Vetoquinol toothpaste can treat receding and inflamed gums since it contains some mild abrasives. Your cat is expected to enjoy pleasant mouth odour and teeth that are almost pearl white. It has no toxic or foaming ingredients.

7. Nylabone Cat Toothpaste

If you’re new at buying toothpaste for your cat, then this should be a perfect opportunity for you since the toothpaste comes with a dual-head and a finger toothbrush. Furthermore, the price is quite lower than other options in the market.


●        The package comes with two different toothbrushes.

●        It’s cheaper than competitive products, yet the product quality is top-notch.

●        It has a likeable taste for most cats out there.


●        It doesn’t contain any enzymes, and using it requires some amount of brushing.


Since this is a non-enzymatic toothpaste, it contains no harmful ingredients for your cat and is thereby safe to be swallowed. The taste of the toothpaste is commendable, and most cats out there would like it regardless. Moreover, this toothpaste requires moderate brushing to be done.

8. Vet’s Best Cat Toothpaste

As a cat owner, if you’re looking for a toothpaste that yields excellent results and that too at a low price, then this toothpaste should be an instant pick for you. Additionally, this is also an enzymatic toothpaste.


●        It’s quite cheap and comes with a toothbrush.

●        Performs its cleaning function with the help of multiple enzymes.

●        The toothpaste has antibacterial capabilities.


●        Not as good as the other products listed here.


Even though the toothpaste comes with enzymes, it’s still quite suitable for cats with sensitive gums as it contains various healing ingredients. Your cat will love the toothpaste flavour regardless. In addition to that, it can efficiently deal with tartar, plaque and bad breath.


At the end of the day, if you’re brushing your cat’s teeth regularly, you can easily save a lot of trouble later on. This is the reason why coupling a good toothpaste along with a gentle, soft toothbrush will do wonders for your cat’s teeth & gums.

One of the most natural methods to do this is to buy a toothpaste that has a delicious taste, and your cat will believe that he/she is getting a treat instead.