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8 Best Dry Cat Food for Older Cats

best dry cat food for older cats

Aging can have a drastic effect on the lifestyle, eating habits, and health of any pet. In the case of cats, it can lead to a slower metabolism and weight gain. The older or senior cats are less active than the younger ones, and they spend most of their time in the home. This is why it is essential to take care of their nutritional requirements and feed them in the right way. Here are some of the best dry cat food for older cats.

List of the Best Dry Cat Food for Older Cats

Your older cat needs a high protein, easy to digest, and tasty food. You can feed your cat with dry cat food that consists of added vitamins and nutrients to keep them in good shape. So what are the best dry cat food options for senior cats? Here are 8 best dry cat food options for older cats and a brief buying guide that’ll help you feed your loved kitty better.

1. Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior Dry Cat Food, Chicken Flavor

This cat food is not only rich in nutrients but also comes in a delicious chicken flavor that your cat will love. Chicken flavored food is rich in protein and supports muscle development in cats. It also consists of vitamin E, which restores the immune responses and keeps the cat healthy. Plus, the crunchy texture and chunk will also prevent buildup and reduce plaque.


·         Comes in a delicious chicken flavor

·         Chicken is the primary ingredient for feeding protein

·         Consists of antioxidants to revitalize the immune system of your cat

·         Wheat or gluten-free product

·         No added preservatives or synthetic dyes

·         Easy to digest for older cats


·         Some cats may be sensitive to chicken


This cat food consists of multiple nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin E, and protein that are good for the overall health of your cat. It also includes L carnitine that helps older cats maintain a healthy and required weight. Plus, it does not consist of any artificial preservatives or synthetic dyes and, thus, is safe for your cat. 

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2. 9Lives Plus Care Dry Cat Food

Older cats need protein-rich and tasty food as their immune system and metabolism can get affected by their increasing age. Feed your loved cat with this tuna flavored dry cat food that is filled with nutrients and give them the energy to play and hop. This dry cat food tastes delicious and comes in a 13.2Lb bag. The cat food also maintains the urinary tract health of your cat by reducing the urinary pH, and its vitamin E rich content with selenium improves the immune system.


·         Tuna flavored cat food that tastes great

·         Maintains the urinary tract health and keeps UTI’s at bay

·         Consists of selenium and vitamins for improving the immune system of the cat

·         Consists of added vitamin supplements

·         Available at a reasonable price

·         Offers complete nutrition to older cats


·         Cats allergic to gluten may get a reaction

The cat food consists of added minerals and nutrients to improve the digestive system and metabolism of older cats. Plus, it helps in maintaining the urinary track pH to support urinary tract health. The ingredients include vitamin supplements, ground corn, wheat, tuna, egg products, biotin, etc. that are good to keep your cat energized and healthy.

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3. Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food

If your cat throws up most of the cat food you feed them, try this chicken-flavored chunky cat food.  With balanced calorie content and all the important nutrients for the strengthening of the immune system, this cat food is an excellent pick for your older cat. The nutritional requirement of an older cat changes quite much with time, and they need foods that can increase their appetite, and this cat is filled with flavor and nutrients.


·         Has a balanced calorie content

·         Does not have any added flavors or preservatives

·         Features chicken as the prime ingredient to strengthen the muscles

·         Nutrient-rich cat food turns the cat more energetic

·         Dry chewable food that’s easy to digest

·         Specially formulated for adult cats


·         A bad batch may upset the cat’s stomach


When the cat’s bodily functions are slowing down, feed them with this multi-nutrient and protein-rich cat food. The cat food with strengthen the muscles and immune system of your cat and help them remain more active. Plus, the texture of the food is smooth and soft, so your cat can easily chew and digest it.

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4. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

As the physical abilities of your cat change with increasing age, it needs different nutrition too. You can easily meet the changing nutritional needs with this adult cat food that is specially made for cats of 11 years or more. The food consists of ingredients that’ll make the cats feel energetic. Especially the cats with an indoor lifestyle may feel better with seared tuna and other important ingredients.


·         Consists of natural fibers that improve digestion and prevents upset tummy

·         Veterinarian recommended cat food

·         Made with all-natural ingredients

·         Consists of the benefits of seared tuna and carrots

·         Filled with nutrients for promoting heart, kidney and overall health


·         Consists of whole-grain wheat and gluten that may not suit all the cats


This dry cat food is loaded with natural fibers to improve digestion and prevent upset stomach. The cat food consists of an abundance of nutrients, so it will help maintain the eye, kidney, joint, and heart health of your cat. Plus, it’s made with all the natural ingredients that are easy to chew and digest for older cats.

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5. IAMS Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

If you are concerned about the weight of your older cat, this is a weight and hairball control cat food that you can try. Especially if your cat has an indoor lifestyle and thus is gaining weight due to aging and passive lifestyle, this is the cat food it needs. The food pack consists of chicken and turkey and therefore is a protein-rich food that’ll support muscles and will provide the required energy to remain active. It is also formulated with L-carnitine that’ll help your cat lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.


·         Great for fat loss

·         Protein-rich and highly nutritious cat food

·         Supports muscle strengthening and provides an active lifestyle

·         Consists of turkey and chicken

·         Enriched with L-carnitine to help the cats lose weight

·         Animal protein is the primary ingredient


·         Has a bad strong odor


The cat food consists of fibers and beet pulp blend that reduces hairballs. The cat food has 10% less fat compared to other cat food options and consists of protein, so you feed your cat with a high protein and low-fat food. Don’t fill the entire bowl with the cat food and feed your cat with the 1 ¼ cup of food for health maintenance.

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6. Purina Friskies Tender & Crunchy Combo Adult Dry Cat Food

Not only aging, but lifestyle can also change the appetite of your loved kitty. This is why you need to feed them with tasty and small meals throughout the day. The tender and crunchy meaty tenders will work as a treat and nutrition-rich food for your older cat. The cat food has a tempting texture and is made with real chicken flavors and, thus, tastes great.


·         A perfect combination of chicken, beef and vegetable accents

·         Comes in crunchy and textured nibbles that’ll tempt the cat

·         Consists of added minerals and nutrients

·         Consists of yellow corn, corn gluten meal, wheat, soybean, dried carrots, and such nourishing ingredients


·         The food may leave stains on the carpet

·         Cats allergic to gluten may not like it


The chicken and beef-flavored food comes with the accents of vegetables and has appealing shapes that will tempt your cat. Where cats require protein in their meals, this is a protein-rich dry cat food that supports the muscles and maintains strength so that your cat can jump and climb as before. Plus, the food is formulated with essential nutrients required for boosting energy.

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7. Grain-Free Dry Cat Food by Hill’s Science Diet

Many cats are allergic to grains and this cat food is prepared with no-grain ingredients and thus, prevents upset stomach. Sometimes, a cat does not finish the entire food bowl and in such cases, reduce the portion size and feed them with this delicious and healthy cat food. It consists of prebiotic fibers that are beneficial in increasing the good gut bacteria and supports the cat’s microbiome.


·         Offers required nutrition to improve skin, digestion, and coat of your cat

·         Enriched with clinically proven antioxidants

·         Consists of natural and tasty ingredients

·         Consists of no artificial preservatives or colors

·         Great for cats with a sensitive stomach

·         Loaded with prebiotic fiber to support balanced microbiome

·         Consists of nutrients and ingredients that easily get processed in the stomach


·         Buyers complain of the constantly changing formula


The cat food is designed for optimal nutrient absorption and is relatively very easy to digest. Plus, it helps in nourishing the cat’s skin through its omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E content. It is made with all the verified ingredients and is veterinarian recommended, especially for older cats. It is also loaded with clinically proven antioxidants to improve the health of your old cat.

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8. Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food

If you are looking for cat food that offers maximum nutrients that support the health of your cat, try this one out. The formula is designed to provide a light, protein-rich, and tasty meal to your cats. Plus, the cat food comes with flavors of chicken, salmon, turkey, and ocean fish to spice up the appetite of your old cat. This dry cat food is available at a reasonable price and offers a surplus amount of nutrition to the cats.


·         Consists of high-quality protein to support muscles and bones

·         Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals

·         Offers balanced nutrition for cats

·         Consists of turkey, salmon and chicken flavors

·         Filled with natural ingredients as well as required supplements


·         Doesn’t suit the cats that are allergic to gluten


Like humans, aging can bring a lot of physical changes in your cat, and thus, it needs a balanced and healthy meal portion. This dry cat food consists of multi-nutrient ingredients that make an ideal meal. With this, the energy levels and health of your cat will improve gradually.  Also, if your cat is prone to fatigue and tiredness, this cat food will offer energy required to remain healthy.

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Buying Guides

How to buy the Best Dry cat food for your older cat?

If your cat has been feeling lousy and has become passive days, it might be because of aging and the diet. Older cats need a balance of nutrients and a proper feeding schedule. So if you are wondering how to choose the best cat food for your adult cat, here’s what you should know:


The first thing you need to consider while buying cat food is the list of nutrients. Your cats need all the essential nutrients like natural fibers, protein, vitamins, etc. protein helps in strengthening the muscles while fibers can help improve digestion. Older cats often suffer from gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc. A nutritious and fiber-rich diet will prevent these issues. Also, the nutrients will prevent passiveness and improve the skin, eyes, coat, and overall health of your cat. Thus, have a look at the nutrients the cat food offers to your older cat.

Low-fat options

As the cat’s age, they become more passive, and the lifestyle no more remains active. Due to an inactive lifestyle, your cat can also gain weight. This is dangerous for your cat, and thus, you need to buy cat food that consists of low-fat content and is designed to help your cat lose some fat. There are special cat foods for weight loss and some feature l-carnitine that helps control weight.

Common ingredients

Pick the cat food that consists of chicken, tuna, beef, corn, or barley as the main ingredient as your cat will need enough protein and carbohydrates for energy. The common vitamins to look for are Vitamin A, B, B12, C, and E, along with folic acid for proper cell growth, improved digestion, strong nervous system, and improving the immune system.  Also, look for minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, and zinc. These minerals improve joints, teeth, bones, and blood flow.


Choosing the right cat food might seem overwhelming when there are plenty of brands and cat food options available in the market. However, to choose the best cat food for your cat, make sure that you pick the flavors your cat likes. Choose the cat food that is enriched with all the nutrients that are essential for improving the overall health of your cat. Control the portion size and feed them whenever it’s required. This way, you can help your cat stay healthy and active.