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Calico Cat Name You Will Grow Fond Of

Calico Cat

If there are orange cat tabbies, there are also calico cats that will not just stand down and let anyone win the cutest cat com-purr-tetion award. Yup, they are indeed very competitive in many areas and they have their own way of achieving their goals (which is, of course, yummy treats by the way!). BUT before we even go to that let us first learn a bit more facts about the newest addition to your family.

Calico cats are not actually a breed but rather a term used to describe their white, black and orange patterns. Interestingly, the pattern can be found in a lot of cat breeds making them considerably and logically a calico cat too. Their origin is not yet clear but based in a study, calicos are from Egypt and had traveled down our streets through the Mediterranean. This makes them very unique and special not just because of their patterns or origin but also for their personality. On the other hand, cats, in general, were considered as Gods before they are considered as ‘money cats’ for bringing good fortune. However we see them today, still makes them worthy of a great name.

We have conducted deep but friendly research to help you conclude a wise decision! We’ve come up with a list consisting of 100 names but it felt best to just narrow it down to avoid the heartache. This final list will surely be able to provide the right name that’s meant for your calico! Enjoy reading!


If your cat is calico, or you are planning to get a calico, expect that you will most probably end up getting a female cat. Their unique white, orange, and black pattern are not just coincidental. It is due to their X chromosomes. Here’s the best of the best for your female feline family!

  1. Lola – Most Hooman cat parents can attest to the magic this name gives off. They said that their cats respond very well when they hear it. If your cat is also a majestic Calisto with a very feminine vibe you can easily figure out that this is the one.
  1. Dottie – The name means ‘the gift of god’. Well, just to expound its meaning and probably its value to you. All cats and every animal in the world are obviously gifts from God. However, as human beings, we are fragile beings and we all come to a point in our life wherein we inevitably encounter sadness and pain. What we are trying to say is that, If your Calisto saved you from that moment, then this name indeed suits your cat.
  1. Pudding – This name is one of a kind, just like the dessert and your cat! If your cat is ever clingy and sweet, this should be one of your top choices. BUT if your cat can talk its way for some treats just as how the same dessert gets its way to ruin your diet, then this is it!
  1. Maple – We all know how sad a pancake is without a maple. Or a chicken and waffle without a maple. If you feel the same whenever you think about your cat this is good choice to consider. If your cat is also much ‘liquidy’ than other cats (that when it fits it sits skill – just like maple syrup!) then this is your cat’s name.
  1. Foxy – If your cat has that alluring appeal (how to know? Observe male cats around your female Calisto) just like Jessica Rabbit, and is flirty with a strong personality, name it Foxy. Trust us, it will instantly ring a bell when she hears it. 


We always want to be unique and we always aim to make our pets as unique as our uniqueness! They are family after all. So if you fit the description, these shortlisted names may be just the best choice for your Calisto cat!

  1. Bandit – We all know what this means and if your cat is black, this name is indeed very appealing. However, if your cat always tries to have dinner before even anyone reaches the table, bandit it is.
  1. Bettis – The name was inspired by Jerome “the Bus” Bettis from Pittsburgh who is now a retiree. If you like football and your cat loves just any kind of ball you need to consider this. BUT if your cat is energetic and is a fast runner this is just perfect!
  1. Bulldozer – What in the… we know right?! But the name definitely rings a bell. There’s something about it that is so cool and interesting when given to a Calisto cat. It’s so badass it will also sound cute if your Calisto cat is a chonky – you get what we mean.
  1. Catnip – This is not just an uncommon name but is also rather funny. Oh, your cat will surely love this name. There’s no way they will not love hearing it, cats are smart creatures you know.
  1. Ceberus – It is reminiscent of Cerberus (three-headed dog in Greek and Roman mythology) because he chews as if there were three heads. If your cat eats like there’s no tomorrow then there is no further explaining needed to why this name is in spot!



Calisto cats are undeniably cute, therefore, they need a name that fits their reputation. Here’s the list!

  1. Chaia – Surprisingly, this is pronounced as “Kiya” and it means life in Hebrew. If your cat is full of life and you have experienced no dull moment with your precious one then this name is just about right.
  1. Chihiro  – This name is inspired by a famous Hayao Miyazaki film “Spirited Away”. The character in the film is a very cute girl with lots of traits you cannot hate. If your cat is like that, name your feline family Chihiro.
  1. Colombo – This name literally means ‘Dove’ and has Italian origins. This is a special name you can give to your new feline family especially if you are adopting the cat. In Italy, Colombo is a name usually given out to orphans.

Did you enjoy our list? We hope that we were able to help you come up with a great decision! If you are looking for more names, here’s another article relevant to what you need. Thank you for reading and let’s keep in touch – follow our pages to stay updated!