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Orange Cat Names You Can Give Your Feline Family

orange cat

“I have the swags…”

Cats, just like dogs are a huge blessing to humankind. Felines also care and give endless happiness to their hooman parents, they are not so different at all. However, it is undeniably obvious that cats have their own unique ways to show kinship and love for family. Though cats are known for their multitude of personalities, it is also the very same reason why they remain close to our hearts.

Their blank stares, bossy, I-don’t care-cat-ttitude, demanding calls from the kitchen when you leave their bowls empty, who can ever stay mad at them?

Orange cats in purrticular though, are very special. Well, these tabbies are said to have connections to the higher-ups! There’s an old legend that baby Jesus was comforted by an adorable orange tabby. Baby Jesus, just like anyone, was blown away by its warm paw and embrace. That legend also said that it also made Mama Mary so happy she kissed the cat in the forehead leaving that “M” in its fur. It may sound silly but who knows? If orange cats are THIS special they deserve a remarkable name!

If you are just about to adopt an orange cat into the family or is rescuing one to provide a better life (we must, at least once in our life) these jam-packed lists of names will help you choose the best one!


  1. Pumpkin – Just hearing the sound of it makes my heart flutter. If your cat is a chonky tabby, a bit lazy and is usually eating for two, then this is the best name you can ever give your cat and for all right reasons.
  2. Ginger – Orange cats are also popularly known as tabbies or ginger felines but if you are the health-conscious type and you like ginger teas then, why not? It also fits a cat that is well behaved in nature, well-behaved and seldom meows but purrs a lot.
  3. Apricot – If your feline is a female cat and has an elegant behavior, this one just sits well perfectly. 
  4. Butter – If you noticed that foods are always considered relevant to cuteness it is because no one can ever get mad at any kind of food. We actually praise food most of the time because it gives us energy and it is simply delicious. If you think that your cat feels the same way towards his food, you can name it after any food you love. But in this case, butter is cute for orange cats.
  5. Flynn – If your cat is a male and is a tacky feline, this name will fit him well. The name is actually celtic and it translates as: “son of the red-haired man“.


  1.  Loki – Avengers, anyone? AND it also means “Little Orange Kitty”.
  2. Chilie – This is not that hard to understand. Not all people love chili, not because it’s not tasty but because they can’t stand spicy foods! If you can, then you are a badass foodie! If your cat is big, energetic and a tireless mover, this is a perfect name to give.
  3. Cuervo – No matter where you are in the world, you can’t ever deny that muscle-man tone when one utters this name. It’s masculine and definitely is considerable for a male cat.  If yours is a hairy one, with long whiskers and badass fur print, this is it!
  4. Rogue – Just the sound of it will make you feel that there is definitely something to watch out for. If you want to have a deeper connection to the name, we highly recommend that you watch Rogue One, It explained well all the good sides of this name not just its actual meaning. This name is for cats who’s good at hide-and-seek or are playful.
  5. Titan – If your cat is gigantic, or in specific you have a lynx this name is just perfect. But being big doesn’t need to be literal, it could be based on your cat’s behavior too. Maybe your cat is big at heart coz he gives his snacks to siblings rather than devouring everything – awww, so CUTE!


  1. Toe – What a heartless hooman, naming a feline toe but to be honest it is rather funny than offensive! If your cat is so tiny, clingy and dependent to you this is a perfect name to give.
  2. Map – If yours is a multicolored cat this name is considerable, referring to its map-like pattern all throughout its body. If you name your cat after this one, you will never ever get lost again ‘cause you have a MAP!
  3. Doug – Let your visitors get confused about whether you are calling the dog or your cute tiny cat. If your cat’s voice is also a bit bigger than the other cats you know, this name is just perfect.

  1. Salmon – Who doesn’t love salmon? Not your cat at least, so why not name your cat after his most desired food? Tacky, right?
  2. Gator – Do you know what alligators and cats have in common? Aside from their predatorial instincts, both are always seen sleeping most hours of the day! If your cat is a sleepyhead, playful, and strong, name him Gator. Trust us, you will find it funny once he starts responding to the name.


  1. Diego – from The Ice Age
  2. Chloe – Secret Life of Pets
  3. Simba – The Lion King
  4. Tibbs – 101 Dalmatians
  5. Tigger – Winnie the pooh
  6. Lily – Harry Potter
  7. Smokey – Stuart Little
  8. Scar – The Lion King
  9. Tai Lung – Kung Fu Panda
  10. Mr. Tinkles – Cats and Dogs
  11. Ang – Avatar : The Last Airbender
  12. Kintoun – Dragon Ball Z
  13. Mcqueen – Cars by Disney
  14. Chewbacca – Star Wars
  15. Totoro – Totoro by Studio Ghibli


  1. TRAITS – Choose your cat’s most outstanding traits – the good ones and the bad ones.
  1. TOP 6 – Choose your top 6 traits you want to highlight or put an emphasis on.
  1. NAME LIST – Now read through our list and choose your top 5.
  1. OPTIONS – Call your cat names from the list. Call them 3 times for each that are in your list of top 5.
  1. TOP 2 – Now filter your list again and choose your top 2 names.
  1. COMMUNICATE – Get your cat and look into their eyes, make that “I love you” gesture by slowly blinking by saying each name twice.
  1. LET THEM PICK – Observe carefully and finally, pick the name to where they respond to! If they like it very much, you’d get an “ I love you too”!

Choosing a pet’s name is as important as choosing one for a hooman baby. It needs to have value and it should be given out of love. Picking a name that will reflect their personality and potential can be a challenge so we hope that this article helped you to finally conclude your selection.