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Do I Really Need to Get My Cat’s Teeth Cleaned?

"Do I really need to get my cat's teeth cleaned? "

Did you know that your cat too has 2 sets of teeth that need care? Do I really need to get my cat’s teeth cleaned? Just like humans, your cat also grows canines and molars. Proper Dental Care is vital for your cat’s teeth and the buildup of plague. During the day, your cat eats both cooked and uncooked food such as raw fish, etc. It leads to smelly, stained and unclean teeth.

It is a progressive step that shows your cat you love her by helping fight dental issues together. Though it is quite a difficult task to accomplish, beginning the teeth brushing process when they are young can come with several benefits. Your cat gets accustomed to a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Tips to Keeping Your Cat’s Teeth Clean:

The following tips will go a long way in ensuring a smooth and easy process of brushing your cat teeth. With the proper way of doing it, your cat will feel comfortable and relaxed as you clean her teeth.

1. Comfortable spot:

First of all, choose a comfortable spot where your cat can rest itself. There is no better place than your lap where your cat feels safe, snuggled and protected. You could also do it at its favorite resting corner of your home. Comfortably placing your cat will enable her to cooperate better as you clean her teeth.

2. Special toothbrush:

Get a special toothbrush to clean your cat’s teeth. There are several cat toothbrushes available in the market. You can also purchase it at a pet store. Sometimes your vet too may have a collection of it. Only a specially designed toothbrush for cleaning your cat’s teeth will work well to reach every edge within. Check out for other alternatives that might help with the cleaning.

3. Pet safe toothpaste:

There are special kinds of toothpaste that are used only for cleaning your pet’s teeth. Never use the regular toothpaste at home that you brush your own teeth with. It is not safe for your cat, and it might lead to health complications. Cat toothpaste comes in in various flavour options. Choose a flavor that you think your cat would love. It helps in getting your cat prepared and willing to go through the teeth cleaning session. One right way to get your cat obedient is to introduce a small sample of it for tasting.

4. Expose your cat’s teeth and gums:

Before beginning with the teeth cleaning, lift your cat’s lip. It gives you a better view of the teeth and gums so that you know where you are brushing correctly. It also enables you to clean in between teeth and reach even the corners of your cat’s mouth.

5. Use gentle motions:

Always brush your cat’s teeth with gentle movements to prevent injuries while cleaning. Gentle and free-flowing movements can brush the teeth and gums effectively.

6. Brush the outer sides:

Generally, pets give a lot of trouble cleaning teeth. Begin from the front and move towards the outer or cheek facing sides. Most cats never allow cleaning to be done inside where the tongue is present. 

7. Try brushing every tooth:

Reaching the back upper molars and teeth at the far end can be challenging. However, these teeth also need attention as they build up plaque at a faster rate than the others.

Is Your Cat Not Allowing You to Brush Her Teeth?

Brushing your cat’s teeth can be a nearly impossible task. However, with regular attempts, your cat might give in. With the above tips, get your cat seated comfortably and position yourself in the right angle before brushing. Avoid keeping your cat in one specific position for long periods. It’s a good idea to make them feel free without holding them down.

How Often Do You Need to Brush Your Cat Teeth?

You can brush your cat’s teeth by yourself at home or with the help of a vet. Ideally, it is best to clean it every day. With the various products, dental diet, toothpaste, toothbrushes and specially designed treats for your cat, cleaning her teeth is a breeze. Regular cleaning controls the build-up of Tartar and germs and gives your cat the dental care that she deserves. A professional veterinarian clinic or pet care store can assist in choosing the right products for your cat’s teeth.

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What to Use to Clean Your Cat’s Teeth?

Did you know that cats have their own specially designed toothbrushes? Before beginning with the cleaning, wet it thoroughly with water and use only a soft-bristled toothbrush. It does not hurt your cat’s teeth gums or cause injuries. In case you haven’t come across one, you could clean your cat’s teeth with a child’s toothbrush. Another good idea is wrapping a cotton swab or gauze and cleaning her teeth with it.

When Should I Take My Cat for a Professional Dental Care?

Though most of us put in the efforts, no one does it better than a professional veterinarian. Even with the most detailed and vigilant oral care routine at home, your cat is still vulnerable to oral related diseases, Tartar and plaque accumulation, gingivitis, broken teeth and more. If left untreated, it can affect your cat’s health as well as those around. It can lead to life-threatening complications for your cat such as chronic ailments, organ failure and other diseases. It is best to take your cat for professional Dental Care at least once a month.


If you find your cat grinding her teeth, then she might be in some sort of pain due to poor oral hygiene. It’s time to take your cat for an oral checkup to a vet and get her teeth cleaned regularly.