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8 Best Cat Brush For Long Hair – Informative Buying Guide!

best cat brush for long hair

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cats are indeed great groomers on their own. But, when it comes to keeping their furry coat clean and shiny, they still need help from humans – especially the ones who are long-haired. When you plan to purchase a brush for your long-haired cat, it should be noted that you specifically need to pay heed to the length of the bristles on the brush. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the brush is soft and comfortable to use – without using an extraordinary amount of pressure. Here is the best cat brush for long hair.

Apart from that, you also need to make sure that you groom your cat daily rather than one or two times a week. Daily grooming will keep your cat’s fur coat clean & healthy – thereby enriching the bond between you and your cat.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Cat Brush

The Material Of The Comb

It should be remembered that generally cat brushes are made from either plastic or stainless steel. Opting for stainless steel is the best option since it’ll last for a long time and will be extremely resistant to wear & tear. In case you’re low on budget, you can go ahead with a plastic-made one.

Shape Of The Pins

Doesn’t matter the type of cat brush you’ll be buying because almost all cat brushes will come with straight pins or bristles – being rounded-off at the edges.

The Design

In case you have a long-haired cat, it’ll need more than enough pressure to brush through the tangled mess of hair strands which is why you’ll need the brush to be ergonomic, comfortable and easy to handle/hold.  

Has A Multipurpose Design

There are many cat brushes available in the market that come with blades on both sides of its head along with a straightforward process of hair removal via retractable blades. Look for products that bundle with extra, life improvement features that will make your experience almost flawless. 

8 Best Cat Brush For Long Hair

1. Hertzko Cat Brush

One of the primary reasons why this product has been an instant hit among cat owners is because the brush comes with pins that have a rounded design – which makes it perfect for your cat’s delicate skin.


●     It’s perfect for cats who have sensitive skin.

●     Helps in the removal of loose hair.

●     It comes with an anti-slip handle combined with a cushioned grip for better grip.


●     The pins on the brush get bent easily.


Apart from being a perfect tool for sensitive cat owners, the equipment also helps in collecting all the loose hair efficiently, untangles all the long hair of your cat and provides healthy grooming to your feline. Moreover, it comes with a comfortable grip to hold on to.

2. BV Cat Brush

In case you’re looking for a budget-oriented cat brush that ticks all the right boxes but also doesn’t burn a hole into your pocket – then this should be in your wishlist.


●     The product costs comparatively less than other similar products out there.

●     It has added bristles on both sides of its head.

●     It’s practical and efficient for its use case scenarios.


●     The bristles can turn out too soft for some cats.


Besides being a budget-oriented product, the tool comes with a comfortable handle that’s easy to use and sturdy. The added bristles on both sides of the brushes head make it multi purpose-oriented – since you can use either the less dense or more dense one.

3. DakPets Deshedding Cat Brush

Even though cats shed their hair all year long – they do it the most before the winters and the summers – which is why you need to invest in a robust product like this.


●     It comes with an easy-to-clean head that is detachable.

●     The product can reduce shedding by almost 95 percent.

●     It’s intuitive to use and feels comfortable for the cat.


●     Users need to be careful when using it as it can sometimes rip apart the hair from the skin.


The device comes with a detachable head that is quite easy to clean along with a handle that is comfortable to hold and use. Your cat’s hair shedding will be reduced to almost 95 percent, making your home clean from any cat hair mess. Additionally, your cat will love it.

4. Pat Your Pet Cat Brush

If you’re facing tangled cat hair on your feline with no other brush having the ability to deal with the same, then you’ve arrived at the right place since this product has got the capabilities you require.


●     The device comes with two separate toothed sides for different functions – one for tangled hair and another for shedding.

●     It has a good quality handle to hold onto comfortably.

●     Keeps your cat’s skin healthy.


●      Tends to malfunction easily.


There’s no denying that the device is quite durable with its stainless steel blades along with a dual-head design with blades on either side of its face. The tool is quite easy to clean and can not only help you with cat hair shedding but also aid in improving blood circulation in your cat’s body.

5. Thunderpaws Cat Brush

This cat brush from Thunderpaws is one of the best products in the current market when it comes to reducing cat hair shedding – thereby keeping your home clean and tip-top.


●     It can aid in cat hair shedding and does so up to 95 per cent.

●     The device has been built ergonomically with a non-slip handle to boot.

●     Easy to clean with a detachable head.


●     Not so great for thick fur coats.


Besides being an excellent tool for shedding cat hair, it also comes with a detachable head which is quite easy to clean. The handle of the device has been built in such a way that it’s non-slip and comfortable to use. Additionally, the equipment can reduce shedding up to 95 per cent in your cat.

6. Safari Cat Brush

The self-cleaning system on this device is pretty nifty since you only need to activate a button, and all the collected hair will be released from its blades.


●     It has a self-cleaning feature with retractable blades.

●     The blades on the device are made from stainless steel.

●     Can be used every day and is excellent for all fur coat types in cats.


●     It is not recommended to be used on short-haired cats.


The build quality is top-notch on this device with the use of stainless steel pins and the use of a quality handle to grip onto. Perfect to be used for long-haired cats as well as those who shed a lot of hair. Moreover, cleaning the tool is simple, with almost minimal efforts.

7. The Pet Portal Cat Brush

It’s hard to find brushes for long-haired cats that are gentle to use, but such is not the case here with this cat brush from The Pet Portal which is an excellent option for cats having irritable or sensitive skin.


●     The brush head is almost 95mm wide, making it great for even larger sized cats.

●     Great for tangled hair and is quite easy to clean as well.

●     It comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.


●     The device can break easily if not used in the right manner.


Aside from being a perfect tool for sensitive skinned cats, the device comes with a broad action area (95mm) that is great for even large-sized felines. It’s quite comfortable to use and works perfectly on tangled hair. Additionally, cleaning the tool is also effortless with its self-cleaning feature at the touch of a button.

8. Hartz Cat Brush

In case you’re on the lookout for a brush that is easy to use and doesn’t make much time to groom your cat, then purchasing this device will help you to save your precious time & energy.


●     The device has been developed with professional groomers in mind.

●     It comes with bristles that are made from stainless steel.

●     The handle has been designed ergonomically for comfortable use.


●     Can rip your cat’s hair out if not used properly.


Besides being an efficient tool for keeping your feline’s fur coat in check, the device also comes with an ergonomic handle design that is intuitive to hold and use. It comes with stainless steel bristles that are long-lasting and resistant to wear & tear. Additionally, it can work on any type of cat hair.


With technology advancing at a fast rate than never before, buying a cat brush nowadays has never been easier. This is because you have so many brilliant products at your disposal to choose from, which itself makes this process all the more exciting. Moreover, doing in-depth research on products that you’re buying will help you gain incredible insight into other related products, which would aid you later on in your life.

With that being said, we hope you like our recommendations and thereby proceed to purchase the ideal cat brush.