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8 Best Cat Brush for Shedding – The Best Buying Guide!

best cat brush for shedding

Just like dogs, cats are also a kind of pet that deserves all the love and care they receive in the world. Even though there are many ways to ensure that a cat is taken care of, the best way to do so is by making sure that it is well-groomed and clean. One of the ideal ways to keep your cat clean is by using one of the best cat brushes available in the market and thereby helping your cat to shed its fur & hair in the right manner. Here is the best cat brush for shedding.

Doing so will aid in promoting the well-being of your furry friend, making them more friendly and obedient towards you. A good cat brush will not only feel great in your hands but also for your feline’s fur coat as well as its skin. With that being said, we’ll be going through eight of the best cat brushes your money can buy right now so that you can keep your beautiful cat just like it is.

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing A Cat Brush?

●     Assists In The Natural Shedding Process – A cat brush will help you collect all the dead fur that your cat will be shedding, without the same getting ended upon your furniture, clothes, floor, and so on. Using a cat brush daily will keep your home clean.

●     Make You Clean Your Home Less – It’s a much better idea to instead brush up on your cat’s fur than trying to clean your entire house full of cat fur. Brushing your cat is indeed much more efficient and productive going forward. 

●     Helps In Improving Blood Circulation In Your Cat – Brushing your cat daily will encourage its body’s blood flow to become better, thereby keeping its coat as well as its skin healthy. Blood circulation is a significant benefit of using a cat brush regularly.

●     No Allergies – If you or anyone in your family is allergic to cat fur, then using cat brushes will aid you avoid that problem altogether – thereby reducing or eliminating allergens.

●     Keeps Your Cat’s Skin & Fur From Getting Tangled Together – For instance, if your cat has long hairs or fur, then it needs to be combed daily to keep the hair getting tangled together. Tangled hair reduces airflow to the external skin, which is why you need a cat brush to keep your feline’s fur soft & healthy. Moreover, untangled hair will aid you during your cat’s bath time.

8 Best Cat Brush For Shedding

1. GoPets Cat Brush

This cat brush is not only perfect to be used for short-haired cats but also long-haired ones as well so that they don’t develop any tangles in their hair strands.


●     It’s perfect for long-haired cats.

●     The device has two-sided functionality.

●     It comes with blades that have gently rounded edges to protect your cat’s skin.


●     The blades can become dull after some use.


The device comes with blades that are quite sharp and are made out of stainless steel. Moreover, the blades have gently rounded edges on them and will not harm your cat’s skin. Apart from that, the brush can be used on either side – with the 12-toothed side for long hair while the 23-toothed side for regular use.

2. Eazee Cat Brush

In case you’re in the market looking for a product that is light on your pocket (in terms of cost) and yet high on the overall feature set, this product should be your pick.


●     The build quality is indeed top-notch.

●     It’s affordable and comes in multiple different colors.

●     It can be used for both short and long-haired cats.


●     The de-shedding brush is a little challenging to use.


The device has been designed to collect hair and fur from your cat’s body without scratching your cat’s skin or pulling its hair. It comes with plastic teeth and includes two types of grooming blades in the product package. Moreover, it comes in a variety of colors.

3. Catit Cat Brush

With the help of this tool, you don’t have to brush your cat’s fur on your own, but your cat will do it instead – with just some helping from your side.


●     It’s perfect for cats who don’t like grooming.

●     Loose hair is extracted very easily.

●     It’s great for cat owners who are allergic to cat hair and cannot groom their cats as a result.


●     Thorough brushing is not possible with this equipment.


Besides being an independent tool that your cat can use to groom itself, it can also help in massaging your cat’s skin and thereby promote healthier well-being. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about loose hair anymore.

4. Mars Coat King Cat Brush

Made by a German-originated company – the brush comes with bristles that are made from boar hair and are thereby set up with the help of a wood handle made from the birch tree.


●     It’s great for cats who have sensitive skin.

●     Makes your cat’s skin look shiny.

●     It’s built sturdily and can last long enough.


●     It’s not the best product for cat owners who like in-depth grooming of their cats.


It should be remembered that the brush bristles are built very softly and are therefore a perfect way to groom a cat who has sensitive skin. In addition to that, the brush gives a glossy shine to the cat’s fur, and the built quality is indeed high-end.

5. HaloVa Cat Brush

In case you’re on the lookout for a versatile cat brush that is great for not only short-haired cats but also long-haired ones, then you’ve just arrived at the right product.


●     It’s suitable for cats with sensitive skin.

●     It comes with a wooden handle and a double-sided brush.

●     The brush is ideal for most home cats out there.


●     Not recommended for cats who shed a high amount of fur.


Due to the brush’s versatile design, it can be used in either way – since it has bristles on both of its faces. One side contains pin-shaped bristles while the other face has standard bristles. The pin-shaped ones are for long-haired cats while the other for short-haired ones. Also, the brush is very comfortable to use.

6. Chirpy Pets Car Brush

This is one of the most popular cat brushes on the market because it can remove almost 90 percent of your cat fur without any major hassles.


●     It can help in dealing with 90 percent of your cat hair shedding.

●     The design of the teeth is safe to be used on your cat’s skin.

●     The blades are made of stainless steel, and it comes with a protective cover.


●     Function is limited and doesn’t remove a whole lot of cat hair.


Apart from having excellent brushing capabilities, the build quality of the brush is stunning as the blades are made from stainless steel that’ll last for a long time. Moreover, the product is comfortable to use, and the product package also includes a protective cover for the blades.

7. HappyDogz Cat Brush

Apart from having the ability to shed almost 95 percent of your cat fur, the device also comes with an ergonomic design and is very intuitive to use as well.


●     The equipment has an ergonomic design.

●     Its bristles are made from stainless steel and are therefore long-lasting.

●     It’s quite lightweight at just five ounces.


●     Not recommended for cats with shorter hair.


The brush is indeed very comfortable to use for you as well as for your cat, especially if your cat has long hair. Since the bristles are placed close to each other, with the help of this brush, you can gain the maximum amount of cat hair or fur shedding. Moreover, it’s lightweight and has stainless steel bristles.

8. Andis Cat Brush

If you want a cat brush that is very user-friendly and has a portable design that you can take it with you anywhere, then this product should be in your shortlist.


●     It’s highly portable and efficient to use.

●     The device can shed 90 percent of your cat fur.

●     It helps your cat to relax its skin & muscles and works via 2xAA batteries.


●     It’s not recommended for any professional cat grooming needs – only for home use.


One of the significant benefits of using this cat brush is that it exudes very gentle vibration that helps in soothing your cat’s muscles & tissues. Furthermore, it can shed up to 90 percent of your cat fur & hair. In addition to that, it operates on two AA batteries and is therefore highly portable.


There’s no denying that dealing with a cat shedding its hair & fur can indeed turn to be frustrating for the common cat owner – but having a good brush will help in alleviating that stress without any significant investments. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with critical health conditions like allergies.

By maintaining a consistent grooming and brushing schedule will reduce your cat’s fur shedding by almost 90 percent. In addition to that, it’ll keep your feline’s skin healthy, hydrated and free from any skin problems or parasites.