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The 10 Best Interactive Cat Toys of 2021

The 10 Best Interactive Cat Toys of 2020

Cats love to have all the fun, whether it is playing indoors or outdoors. An exciting way to bond and have fun with your cat is with interactive toys. These toys are designed to bring out the best in your cats. Playful activity with toys can stimulate and motivate them to move around and exercise. It promotes the overall health and wellbeing of your cat, both physically and mentally. Bring out your cat’s innate hunting instincts with colorful, attractive, and feature-packed toys that your cat just cannot resist. This article lists out the 10 best interactive toys of 2021 with reviews for each of them. Check them out. 

The 10 Best Interactive Cat Toys of 2021

1. Our Pets Play-N-Squeak Bird Toy for Cats:

This Play-n-squeak bird toy for cats encourages your Kitty to engage in physical play. It stimulates his mind and brings out his hunting skills to the fore. The bird toy will catch the attention of your cat with its realistic design and enticing feathers. It is one toy that helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, and boredom for onlookers. 


·         The toy gives out real chirping bird sounds that get your cat up for some action.

·         Pet friendly and environmentally safe.

·         Safe to play indoors.

·         The toy comes with a catnip.


·         Concerns of the toy being small.

2. Friends Forever  Laser Toys for Cats:

 Your cat is going to love this interactive toy with its automatic rotating laser pointer.  It is a cool toy that gets your cats running and chasing after the beams.  It paves the way for interactive exercise sessions with your cats.  This toy is designed to be durable with long-lasting effects that keep your cats occupied fit and healthy.  It comes with an automatic timer of 15 minutes.


·         The beams point at random 360-degree patterns.

·         The unique sleek and Stylish design with the Diamond-shaped makes it not just your cat’s toy. It also stands as a decorative accessory for your home.

·         The settings can be adjusted and customised at different speed levels of slow, fast and variable.

·         Automatic 15 minutes shutoff that gives your cat some rest and prevents excessive stimulation.


·         The laser lights can be too bright at times, especially in dim-lit surroundings.


3. Pet fusion  Ambush Interactive Toys for Cats:

 The pet fusion Ambush interactive toy is a smart way to get your cats playing.  It comes with a colourful rotating feather that keeps your cat’s mind stimulated and body freely moving. The toy is centred around the feather that randomly rotates on the sides. The feather pops out randomly through the 6 holes. The toy gets your cat searching and pouncing on it while bringing out his playful self. Your cat will love to run around and try catching onto it. The pet fusion Ambush interactive toy will give your cat an enjoyable hunting experience.


·         Features two modes which include the blue and purple coloured settings. 

·         The bottom surface of this toy features anti-skid feet that prevent skidding and excellence across hardwood and tile flooring.

·         It is battery operated and comes with an automatic off feature.

·         Perfect for day time and night time hunting.


·         Concerns of the toy being too noisy during play.

4. Bergan Turbo Scratcher Toys for Cats:

 This Turbo Scratcher toy can provide your cat with hours of fun activity.  It is simply designed, and it is an excellent way to get your Kitty to exercise and strength in his legs and claws. This toy takes your cat away from damaging and scratching your furniture pieces.  The scratchpad is built to let your cats go wild and play to their heart’s content.


·         The scratchpad is easily replaceable.

·         It does not over-stimulate your cat’s delicate pause.

·         Available in multi-coloured options.

·         Comes with a catnip.


·         The toy tends to get damaged with overplay.

5. Pet Stages Track Toys for Cats:

 The pet stages track toys for cats keeps your cat focused and encouraged to play.  It takes care of his chasing, hunting and exercise sessions.  It is colourfully designed and features three levels of play with three spinning balls.  The sturdy construction of the toy enables repeated play. With all the action and movement on these tower tracks, your cat will have loads of fun. Multiple cats can play with this toy at a single time.


·         It encourages independent play without the need for adult supervision.

·         Multi-coloured balls for your cat to play.

·         It brings out his catching, hunting and batting instincts all at once.

·         Comes with a safety bar between the tower rings that protect your cat’s leg from slipping through.

·         The height and width of this toy are suitable for Cats of all sizes and age groups.


·         The balls get dislodged and lost during play.

6. Hexbug Robotic Mouse Toy for Cats:

 This interactive toy is similar to a real-life cat and mouse chase.  What’s more entertaining is that you get to watch and be a part of the chase within the comfort of your home.  It brings out your cat’s playful and hunting sides all at one time. The robotic Mouse moves around with vibrating motions.  It comes with two different operation modes which include the paw mode and the chase mode.  The paw mode is designed for the obese, docile and elderly cats.  The chase mod is for the active and young kitties.


·         Suitable for old and young cats of all sizes.

·         The toy is battery operated.

·         The Mouse moves in realistic random moments similar to a real one.


·         The play needs to be supervised by an adult at all times.

7. Smarty Kat Feather Whirl  Toys for Cats:

 The smarty kat feather whirl toy gets your cats chasing around in Hot Pursuit of their target. The feathers spin and whirl around.  Your cats are driven wild with the active motions, starts and stops. It runs at low noise levels that do not scare away cats. 


·         This toy is battery operated.

·         The feathers fascinate kitties with erratic movements.

·         The wands can be replaced.

·         Environmentally friendly and save for pets.


·         The feathers and the wand gets damaged with overplay.

8. Petsafe Pounce Cat Toy:

 As the name itself suggests, this toy gets your cat bouncing and chasing after the moving Mouse.  It brings out the instincts that nature has blessed your Kitty.  It features 3 loops through which the Mouse runs.  It is a typical Hide and Seek cat toy that stimulates your cat with unpredictable Mouse movements.


·         Features four different settings of low, Medium, High and variable.

·         Automatic shut off when not being played.

·         Battery operated.

·         Sleek design.

·         Non-slip base that prevents accidental skidding on the floor.


·         Available only in a single size.

9. Pet Droid Boltz Hanging Automatic Interactive Toy:

 This toy uses laser lights to get your cat interactive and chasing around.  The entire toy can be e fixed to the wall and kept away at a safe distance from your cat.  The laser beams are designed to move randomly across all surfaces.  This provides a wide surface area for your cat to run and play.


·         It is battery operated.

·         The toy gets automatically turned off after 10 minutes of no activity.

·         The toy detects cat movements with motion sensors.


·         This toy doesn’t enable your cat to hold and play on the floor. 

10. Cat Amazing Treat Maze and Puzzle Feeder:

This toy encourages your Kitty to do a whole lot of fun activities.  With it, he gets to sniff out Hidden objects,  chase after balls and find food.  It also comes with catnips.  The cat amazing treat maze and Puzzle feeder can be incorporated into his diet management plan and exercise routine. The Cat amazing treat maze and Puzzle feeder is made up of good quality cardboard and materials.


·         Lets you hide your cat’s tasty treats.

·         Available in three different levels –  beginner, intermediate and Top Cat.

·         Prove to be a challenging game that makes cat smart clever and improves the skills.


·         There is a possibility of your cat biting and chewing on the cardboard and paper.


 The above Interactive cat toys of 2021 aim at encouraging and motivating your kitties to stay engaged in play for a long time.  Whether they are manual or battery-operated, you can train your cat to hunt and tap into his natural instincts.  It enables them to stay focused and bring their health back on track.  It creates many fun moments for both you and your cat.  Make a choice of toys that your cat prefers and loves to play.