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10 Best Cat Thermometers

Best Cat Thermometers

Just like human beings, cats, too, can show symptoms that indicate a fever. It can be difficult to know for sure without the help of a cat thermometer. Fevers can affect your cat and sometimes lead to life-threatening situations as well. A cat thermometer will enable the timely detection of a fever so that you can get him under treatment of a vet. A good cat thermometer is a must-have in your cat’s first aid kit. If the thermometer indicates a fever, you can get them to the vet as soon as possible. Check out the following list of 10 best thermometers along with the reviews for each of them.

The Best Cat Thermometers

1. Care Touch Digital Thermometer for Cats:

The care touch digital thermometer for cats provides an accurate and fast reading. It comes with a flexible and highly sensitive tip that is reliable at all times. It can read the cat’s temperature within a maximum of 30 seconds. It features a fever alarm that indicates when your cat is down with fever and requires medical attention. You can also keep track of your cat’s temperature history. 


· The cat’s temperature can be read in both celsius and Fahrenheit.

· Effortless insertion with the sensitive and flexible thermometer tip.

· Suitable for use on caps of all sizes and age groups.

· Fever alarm.

· The entire thermometer is waterproof.

· It runs on a battery and has a long performance life.

· It comes with an automatic power-off when not in use.


· The replacement of the covers needs to be done regularly.

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2. Iproven Cat Thermometer:

Is your play buddy feeling unwell? Iproven cat thermometer is a fast and reliable way to read his temperature. You get reading almost instantly within 20 seconds. This cuts down the worrying moments that you and your kitty endures. Cleaning and maintenance of the thermometer are simple and easy as it is waterproof. It is also resistant to dust and pollutants.


· It comes with a digital reading screen that exhibits accurate temperature readings.

· Affordable and available at reasonable rates.

· It is made available with a 100-day guarantee and money back policy. 


· It does not shut off automatically when not in use.

3. Icare Pet Thermometer:

The Icare pet thermometer can be used on all cats. It doesn’t matter what age or size they may be. It enables you to check the real temperature of your cat as well as other surface temperatures like that of milk and water. Apart from cats, it can also be used on dogs, rabbits, and other pets at home. All it takes is just one second for it to read your cat’s temperature. It provides an uninterrupted measurement of temperatures. The user gets to monitor and keep track of the changes.


· Accurate and reliable temperature reading.

· It comes with a memory capacity of 30 sets.

· It comes in three mode settings that enable you to read temperatures of your pet’s body, objects, and the air around.

· It displays the temperature in both celsius and Fahrenheit units.


· It does not come with a cap or an outer protective casing.

· The temperature is not taken through the invasive method.

4. Aurynns Cat Thermometer:

The Aurynns Thermometer handles the temperatures of all your pets. It is suitable for use on cats and dogs, pigs, sheep, horses, and other animals as well. It is 9 inches in length, providing sufficient space for holding onto it without coming in contact with the sick pet. It features a loop that enables you to string or attach it to any surface. It features an alarm that goes off with excessive temperatures. The temperature of your cat can be read within 20 seconds.


· Instant temperature readings.

· Indications exhibited along with beeps.

· Inbuilt sufficient memory capacity that stores the temperature readings.

· LCD display.

· Easy to operate and maintain.

· It is resistant to water, and this enables the user to clean and wash it well with water after use on the pet.


· Cannot immerse the entire thermometer into the water.

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5. Mindpet – Med Thermometer:

The mind pet – med cat thermometer is designed to measure temperatures using infrared rays. It is suitable for use on cats, dogs, and other animals. It functions on three different switchable modes. The modes are used to check the body temperatures, surface objects, and room temperature. 


· This cat thermometer is non-invasive and uses infrared rays instead.

· It functions well at a measuring distance of up to 5 cm.

· Automatic switch off within 5 seconds of non-use.


· It does not come with batteries. 

· Concerns over random reading displays.

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6. Pavia Rectal Temp Thermometer:

The Pavia rectal temp thermometer is recommended by veterinarians, pet breeders, pet shelters, and pet owners. It requires only 6 seconds to display accurate readings. It is a professional grade cat thermometer that can take temperatures of cats of different breeds, sizes, and ages. It is powered by batteries.


· The LCD display is large and readable.

· Highly sensitive to even the slightest of temperatures.

· It does not cause any discomfort to your cat.

· Cat friendly.


· This cat thermometer does not come with probe covers.

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7. Walmeck Digital Thermometer for Cats:

The Walmeck cat thermometer uses LCD digital displays to measure temperatures. It measures about 5.39 inches in length and comes with a versatile and ergonomic grip. It features a loop that enables you to hang it up ott athlete on a wall away from the reach of your cat. It has wide applicability to cats, dogs, pigs, cows, horses, sheep, rabbits, and more.


· Waterproof outer casing.

· Easy to clean and wash with water without making it messy.  

· Gentle and smooth for use on your cat.

· Flexible tip making it comfortable to take the temperature.


· Absence of a protective cover.

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8. Sharp Temp – V Thermometer:

The sharp temp – v thermometer is uniquely designed with a stainless steel probe tip at one end and digital display at the other. Its versatile construction is suitable for heavy-duty used by veterinarian clinics, farms, livestock, and other domestic animals’ temperature. This cat thermometer beeps loudly once an accurate reading is displayed.


· Temperature readings are displayed within 8 to 10 seconds.

· The display is bold, clear, and easily readable.

· Powered with replaceable batteries that ensure long performance life. If

· Safe and comfortable insertion of the tip into the cat for taking the temperatures.

· It comes with a protective cap that prevents dust and grime from accumulating on it.

· The body of the thermometer is made up of tough, durable, long-lasting plastic.

· It comes with a one year warranty.


· This cat thermometer displays temperatures in Fahrenheit only.

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9. Fair only Pet Electronic Digital Thermometer:

The fair only electronic digital thermometer can read temperatures within 1 minute. It is made up of environmentally friendly materials that are safe to use on your kitty. The strong and stable construction prevents breakage during accidental falls. The ergonomic design enables a comfortable grip on the thermometer.


· Digital and clear displays of the temperatures.

· Quick measurement and readings.

· Comes with a protective storage case that enables you to store away the thermometer when not in use.


· Concerns over varying temperature readings.

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10. Furbabies Cat Digital Thermometer:

This cat thermometer is designed for professional use in taking the temperature of domestic and household animals. It is made up of premium material that makes it reliable, trustworthy, and function with a long performance life. It is known for its clinical accuracy and displaying the temperature at rapid succession. It can be inserted both orally and underarms.


· The furbabies cat thermometer makes temperature readings a breeze.

· Clearly readable LCD display that takes the temperature with clarity.

· Better comfort and convenience both for you and your cat.

· Features an attachable clip that enables you to keep it on to your clothes while on the move.

· It comes with the last memory recall of temperature readings.


· Available only in a single color option.


As most cat lovers are aware, it is always best to stay on the safest side and take precautionary measures when it comes to cats. A handy thermometer in your cat’s first aid kit enables you to check his temperature even on the slightest suspicion. Any abnormal temperature indicated on the thermometer can be an indication that your cat is unwell and needs immediate medical attention. Getting a cat thermometer is the first step to taking care of his health needs.