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10 Best Cat Calming Sprays

Best Cat Calming Sprays

Cat owners would agree that these pets are naturally jumpy and skittish animals. Cats feel a whole lot of emotions faster than any other pet. They get scared, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, and exhibit the surrounding tensions in their behavior as well. Getting them to calm down can be an almost impossible task when it comes to cats. This is where cat calming sprays can come to your rescue. The market offers several cat calming products like scent diffusers, sprays, and lots more. Deciding on a good cat calming spray that meets the needs of your cat can be overwhelming. This article guides you through the 10 best cat calming sprays with the pros and cons of each of them. Read on to know more.

Here are the Best Cat Calming Sprays for Cats

1. Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray for Cats:

Nature’s miracle cat calming spray comes with a non-sedating concentrated spray formula that relaxes your cats unlike any other. It has the potential of achieving long-lasting effectiveness by diffusing stress and hyperactivity. It is environment friendly and safe to use on cats. It is also kid-friendly.


·         The contents in a single bottle of this spray are highly concentrated and of good quality.

·         It contains 8 ounces of formula solution sufficient for several sprays. 

·         Instant soothing and calming effects. 

·         It decreases anxiety in cats faster.

·         Your cats feel safe when it is sprayed.

·         Free of sedatives and harmful toxins.


·         The bottle comes with a narrow spray nozzle.

2. Sentry Stop That! Cat Calming Spray:

This calming spray can work wonders on your cat with its fragrance and pheromone technology. It helps in situations where your cat exhibits bad behavior. Armed with this spray, you can get your cat to do just about anything you want. When the concentrated formula in the bottle is sprayed, the effect lasts longer on your cat. Though it is flammable, it is not dangerous to your cats, kids, adults, or the environment.


·         It is a concentrated formula that is suitable for use on all cat breeds and sizes.

·         Easy and simple to use.

·         Lavender chamomile fragrance.

·         Uses noise and smell to fight against aggressive behavior in cats.


·         Concerns of the spray containing strong fragrance.

3. Feliway Cat calming Spray:

The Feliway cat calming spray is effective for use on your cat at home, during travel, and in loud noises surroundings. It is flavorless, free of allergens, and egg concentrations. It helps you in having to deal with challenging situations and unruly behavior in your cats. It calms your cat’s senses and prevents unwanted scratching and sudden urine spraying. The effects of the Feliway cat calming spray can be seen as early as 7 days. 


·         Portable and easy to carry around.

·         Suitable for spot treatment and for direct spring into the cat environment.

·         It offers relief to stressed cats.

·         Prevents cat reaction to loud noises, travel, visits to the vet clinic, natural forces like thunder and lightning, etc.

·         Drug-free solution.

·         It contains only natural pheromones.


·         The concentration has lower levels of pheromones.

4. Comfort Zone Cat Calming Spray:

This cat calming spray focuses on placing your cat in a calm and comfortable environment. It is highly recommended by veterinarians as it helps in controlling anxious and aggressive behavior. It prevents urine marking and excessive scratching that could damage your furniture and walls. It is suitable for spot treating at home and other places that you might take your cat to. It is eco friendly and can be sprayed on the couches, cat pillows, door frames, blankets, etc.


·         It is free of scents, toxins, and drugs. 

·         Safe to use on upholstery, hardwood, fabric, and other sensitive surfaces.

·         Safe to carry along on travels.

·         Replicates the natural pheromones of a cat.


·         It takes 4 weeks to notice changes in stressful behavior in the cat.

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5. Sentry calming spray for cats:

The Sentry calming spray induces good behavior by getting them to stay calm and cool, free of stress. Suitable for spraying on pet beds, cat pillows, crates, and during travels. The solution is highly concentrated with relaxing lavender chamomile fragrance. It uses pheromone technology to prevent excessive meowing and scratching.


·         Safe and effective to use on cats.

·         Wide spraying nozzle.

·         The pheromones in the spray take immediate effect on the cat.

·         Improvement in behavior is seen after the first two weeks of use.


·         The spray comes in a non-transparent bottle.

6. Richard’s Organic Cat Calming Spray:

The Richard’s organic cat calming spray works to settle your cat’s nerves and lower hyperactivity. The concentrated solution in this spray is 100% natural and free of drugs, harmful toxins, and solvents. It can be used on other pets as well. In addition to being a relaxing spray, it is beneficial to your cat with its medicinal properties. Some of the botanical ingredients used in this cat calming spray include extracts from the passion flower, valerian root, skull cap, chamomile. 


·         Effective in helping your cat sleep well through the night.

·         The concentration can be administered directly from the bottle with the help of a dropper or mixed in your cat’s food.

·         Instant effectiveness and works towards the overall wellness and healing of the cat.


·         It is not kid-friendly.

·         It can cause irritation to the eyes.

7. Felisept Home Comfort Cat Calming Spray:

The Felisept home comfort cat calming spray has nepetalactone as the main ingredient. It is known to have a relaxing and soothing effect on cats. It is effective in a wide range of applications. Your cats feel comforted amongst loud noises, conflicts, and the honking of vehicles during travel. It helps your cat to combat stress and aggressive behavior like that of biting excessive sound, scratching, marking and untimely urination. 


·         This spray has a positive effect on your cat without causing loss of appetite or other health complications.

·         It comprises natural ingredients like that of Nepeta Cataria.

·         Free of allergens, artificial or synthetic additives.

·         Easy-to-use on targeted areas with its perfectly focused nozzle.


·         Concerns about it not having long-lasting effects.

8. Thunder Ease Cat Calming Spray:

The thunder ease spray is created for instant calmness. The pheromones make your cat feel at home wherever he may be. It is ideal for use on trips to the vet clinic, travel, or motion; when introducing a new pet into the surroundings. Your cat feels stressed anxiety when there are visitors at home. The spray works perfectly for preventing scratching, urine marking, and unruly behavior.


·         The contents in the spray are similar to that of nursing cats’ natural pheromones.

·         Affordable and available at reasonable rates.

·         It is a Drug-free solution.

·         It is Effective on multiple cats at a single time.


·         It needs to be resprayed every 4 to 5 hours.

9. Pet Organics No Stress Cat Calming Spray:

As the name itself suggests, this spray contains only organic and natural ingredients. It brings about orderliness and good behavior in a cat. It helps him to adapt to new environments quickly and easily. It is effective in preventing the cat from damaging the surrounding objects like the furniture, carpets, mattresses, wooden floors, etc. due to excessive scratching.


·         The spray contains a slight hint of fragrance.

·         It works well on skittish cats.

·         Safe and ready for use.

·         It creates a sense of calmness and friendliness in the cat almost instantly.


·         Concerns over the spray having a strong odor.

10.  Home Pet Feline Calming Spray:

The home pet feline calming spray can be sprayed directly into the surroundings. You can also feed it to your cat by mixing it into his food. Effective in relieving anxiety in cats crying, scratching, cowering, hiding, biting, panting, and other behaviors. The spray bottle contains a minimum of 450 drops of highly concentrated solution. It can also be used to offer relief to your cat during vet visits, separation from his play buddies kenneling, and the introduction of new pets into his environment. 


·         100% natural and free of chemicals and harmful toxins.

·         Free of additives and coloring.

·         It comes in a liquid formula concentration.

·         90 doses in every bottle.

·         Clinically proven and safe on all breed cats, elderly cats, and small medium and large cats.

·         No side effects and safe to use on pregnant and nursing cats.


·         Not suitable for cats who are highly sensitive to a strong odor.


Now that you have the 10 best cat coming sprays at your fingertips, keenly go through each of them. Choose one that suits your cat’s temperament, medical issues, preference, and the surrounding environment. No matter what your cat is going through, each of these calming sprays can fix all of your cat behavioral woes.